24th May 2019

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Hiring a car as a young or new driver can be very difficult, but there are situations when it becomes absolutely necessary to hire a car. Most car rental companies view young and new drivers as high risks because of their inexperience. However, it is not impossible to hire a car as a young driver.

Here are some useful car rental tips for young drivers:

  • Instead of booking online, it is best to book a car as a walk-in customer. The chances of you being allowed to hire a car as a young drivers are much higher if you are a walk-in customer since you can directly interact and negotiate with the car rental personnel.
  • If you are a new or young driver, it is always good to approach small or lesser known car rental companies. The policies and regulations are much lenient with smaller rental companies compared to the big ones, so it is easier to hire a car.
  • Young drivers are mostly allowed to rent cheap, old or small vehicles, since the stakes are lower as compared to larger or expensive vehicles.
  • Make sure you read the fine prints on the car rental contract to make sure no extra or hidden costs are added to your car rental bill.
  • A number of car rental companies might ask you for cash deposits (though most companies prefer debit or credit cards), so make sure you have enough cash in hand.

However, there are many car rental companies, such as Wise Car Hire that specialise in young driver car rentals. If you are booking online, make sure you provide all the details accurately to know how much you have to pay for renting a specific car. The options offered will also depend on the information provided by you.

Young Driver Car Hire FAQ

Tired of asking questions to the car rental reps? Still don’t have answers to the most commonly asked young driver car rental questions? Find your answers here:

I turned 21 today. Would I be able to hire a car?

Yes, you can hire a car from companies like Wise Car Hire.

Is it Possible to Hire a Car without Paying Young Driver Surcharge and Additional Fees?

Yes, if you qualify as a normal driver and have the experience of driving a car, you can hire a car or van of your choice, without paying any addition fees or the young driver surcharge.

I Have Just Obtained My License. Would I be Able to Hire a Car?

Most car rental companies require the renters to have driving experience of at least 12 months, but companies like Wise Car Hire allows you to hire a car as a new driver. There may be some additional costs, but it’s worth it.

Can I Hire a Car (as a Young Driver) if I have Points on My License?

Whether you will be able to hire a car or not depends on the number of points, the severity of the case, your age and many other factors. Most well-known car rental companies will reject your car rental request;but some independent car rental companies like Wise Car Hire makes young driver car rentals easier.

Hiring a car as a young driver is not as difficult as it seems, if you do your homework well. Look for a reliable independent car rental companies and you might be lucky.

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