24th May 2019

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Planning a holiday around Easter? You must be very excited about all the travelling, outdoor engagements, sight-seeing and treating yourself with scrumptious delicacies. However, you must not forget the most important aspect of your holiday planning – the car rental! Renting a car adds more flexibility and mobility to your travel plans, so make sure you start evaluating your options early!

Remember that car rentals can be more complicated than you can think it can be – getting the right coverage, finding the most suitable car and bagging the best deal, all this can make car rentals more daunting. According to various surveys, half of the population that use rental cars end up paying more. So if you yo don’t want to join them, make sure you choose the right car rental.

If you want to save money on your car rental, you must shop around. Instead of buying insurance from the car rental agency, get it from a third party. This will help you save thousands. To start with, make yourself aware of the car rental pitfalls and traps and understand the process, to make the best decision. Not only vacation, you might need to hire a car for other occasions as well. For instance, you might consider taking your girlfriend for a long drive in a convertible or you can make your wedding day special by hiring a luxury car.

Make Your Day Special with Discount Car Rentals

Discount car rentals can make your special day even more special! Think of a destination wedding! Apart from making a style statement, you will also have to make sure that your guests are comfortable whole travelling to and from the airport, hotel and the venue. You can also hire a discount car rental for your guests and ask them to go out on city tours.

Luxury car rentals might sound expensive, but many car rental companies like Wise Car Hire offer luxury car hire at the most reasonable rates. Many car rental companies will also allow you to arrange parties in their luxury cars, vans and buses, so that you can party hard while going around the city! Hiring a car is also the safest option, since you will have a reliable and experienced driver driving you around. Most reputed car rental companies make sure they hire only licensed and trained drivers, so that there are no security issues.

Various types of cars are available for hire and you need to hire one that suits your requirements. Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, so make sure you evaluate your needs and requirements and then hire the right kind of car. Rental cars can be classified into the following categories:

  • Small Cars: Also referred to as compact, economy, sub-compact, these are ideal for a group of four.
  • Mid-Size Cars: Also referred to as standard and intermediate cars, these can also accommodate four to five people, but more comfortably.
  • Full Size Cars: These have more passenger capacity and more luggage space.
  • Premium or Luxury Cars: As the name suggests, these are ideal for those who want to make a style statement.
  • SUVs, Vans and Pickups
  • Electric and Hybrid Cars

So by hiring the right car, you can save money and make the event even more memorable. Shop around and evaluate the options available to make the best deal.

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