24th May 2019

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The summer is here and it’s time to go out on a vacation! Pack your bags and start looking for the best holiday deals to make your holiday memorable. One important thing you must never forget while planning your vacation is car rentals.

Car rental is the trickiest part of your travel planning since people easily fall prey to scams and rip-offs. To help you make your holidays memorable, here are some money savings tips and ways in which you can avoid falling prey to rip-offs and get some discount car rentals

Tips to save on car rentals

Here are some quick and useful tips to help you save on your car rentals:

  1. Research Online: Know your options, compare prices and check out available deals on car rentals.
  2. Avoid Big Brands: You can find the same cars with both big brands and local car rental agencies, but the rates are a lot cheaper at the local agencies. You can about 15 to 30 percent by hiring a car from a local car rental company.
  3. Look for Discounts and Coupons and Codes: You can find discount coupons at various travel portals, which can be redeemed at the car rental outlets. Many car rental agencies also offer special offers on special days, so make sure you check out the deals and discounts before hiring a car.
  4. Hire a Car on Weekend: The weekend rates are much lower than that on weekdays, so it is always a good option to hire a car on weekend. You can save up to 50 percent by hiring a car on weekend.
  5. Avoid Renting at Airport: by hiring a car from the airport you will add around 30 to 50 percent extra to your car rental bill. So avoid doing it by all means.
  6. Negotiate the Rates: Try negotiating the rates as much as you can.
  7. Buy additional insurance only when necessary
  8. Choose a car wisely: Avoid showing off and choose a car that suits your travelling needs.

Tips to Avoid Car Rental Rip-Offs

Car rental can add mobility to your day to day life and help you travel better. With a number of local and multinational car rental companies coming up, people have better access to car rentals. But remember, a number of malicious car rental companies try ripping off their clients to make profits.

So, be very careful while choosing a rental company. Here are some ways in which you can avoid falling prey to car rental rip offs:

  1. Choose basic packages, since upgrades will only add extra money to your car rental bill.
  2. Read the fine prints carefully before signing the contract.
  3. Check the fuel policy – whether you have to return the car with an empty tank, full tank or pay upfront.
  4. Carry your own extras (SatNavs, baby seats and all other things that you might need while travelling).
  5. Choose the right engine, since it can make a huge difference to the car rental bill.
  6. Read the contract thoroughly to see if there are any hidden costs.

When it comes to car rental you must choose to hire a car from a reliable car rental agency like Wise Car Hire. Not only will you be able to save a lot of money, but you will also have the best car rental experience. So choose the right car rental and make your trip memorable!

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