20th June 2019

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Oftentimes, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity. In such situations, people will to any extent to own a car. While bad credit and same day loans seem a good option for people with bad credit, you must avoid them by all means. You might easily have access to your dream car, but you might actually be inviting more trouble by signing a bad credit loan.

Why would someone offer you money even if you have bad credit? People who offer loans to people with bad credit see benefit for themselves in doing so, so be very careful before signing the papers. Same day or bad credit loans should never be your first option since:

  • They require higher interest rates
  • They are available from unsecured lenders
  • Bad credit or same day loans are not big enough, so they might not be sufficient to fulfil your car ownership dreams

Even if it seems troublesome to repair the credit ratings and then applying for a loan, it is the best recourse. In the meantime, leasing a car from a car rental company like Wise Car Hire that offer car rentals to people with bad credit at the most affordable rates is the best option.

Tips to Lease a Car with Bad Credit

If you require some time to repair your credit ratings, but can’t do without a car, consider leasing a car. Many car rental companies would allow you to use your debit card to lease a car. If you are ready to lease a car with help of your debit card, here are some quick and useful tips that will ensure you lease a car successfully:

  • Compare prices: Let the car rental representative know you would be using a debit card to lease a car. Ask them about restrictions, if there are any. Car rental policies and rates vary considerably by individual companies, so make sure you shop around and compare quotes from several car rental companies.
  • Have Some Cash in Hand: Most car rental companies require the car renters to deposit a certain sum of money while leasing the car, for security purposes. This amount is refundable, when the car is returned. So it is good to prepare yourself in advance, so that you don’t have problem paying the lump sum amount together.
  • Have Necessary Documents: many car rental companies might ask you for verification documents like address proof, drivers’ license, etc. So carry all the documents along with you.

Many car rental companies will tell you they don’t lease cars without a credit card, but if you can negotiate well, you can be lucky to lease a car with your debit card. Bad credit can be a major roadblock when it comes to car leasing, so it is wise to check your credit ratings regularly. Keep a check on your spending behaviour and adhere to the credit card usage best practices to ensure you don’t ruin your credit history due to bad decisions and bad spending habits.

If owning a car is crucial even if you have a bad credit, consider leasing a car. By leasing a car, you will have a car to move around and have enough time to repair you credit ratings.

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