18th September 2019

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Renting Vs. Leasing a Vehicle

A large portion of Americans are now opting to lease a car instead of buying. More than a quarter of the new cars acquired by the dealers and car companies were leased during the first quarter of 2014. The car leasing trends are changing drastically, luxury cars are no longer the only type of cars […]

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Van Hire – All that You Need to Know

Hiring a large vehicle is often necessary when you shifting base, travelling with a large group or have too many things to carry. So instead of hiring too many compact cars, it is always wise to hire a large vehicle, for example a van. Hiring a 10 or 12 passenger van is more cost effective […]

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All that You Need to Know About Hiring a Large or Small Car

There are many reasons why people rent a car. Whether you want to hire a car for a business trip or for your wedding, a car rental can offer many benefits. The rates are quite affordable and you can drive your favourite car without investing a huge amount of car. Whether you want a large […]

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All that You Need to Know About Car Rental Insurance

Car rental insurance is an important aspect when looking for a rental car. Having certain coverage is important to avoid huge repair costs or other expenses in case you meet unpleasant circumstances. So whenever you go around looking for a car rental, you will be asked whether you want to buy additional car rental insurance […]

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Additional Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy

Renting a car can offer many benefits only if you are able to make the right choice. Choosing the right model, the right rental plan and the right car rental company – there are many things to be taken care of. One more thing that you need to consider is the ‘Additional Car Rental Insurance’. […]

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Mileage Restrictions – All That You Need to Know

Car rentals are often not luxury but a necessity but to make sure you get the best deals there are many things you need to consider. Not many people renting cars are aware of the mileage restrictions. A number of car rental companies apply some mileage restrictions on their rental cars, which means you cover […]

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