20th August 2019

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Car rentals are often not luxury but a necessity but to make sure you get the best deals there are many things you need to consider. Not many people renting cars are aware of the mileage restrictions. A number of car rental companies apply some mileage restrictions on their rental cars, which means you cover a certain distance on a particular day or during the entire rental period. If you cross this limit you may have to pay additional charges.

Remember, there is no ruling for mileage charges, so it is up to the car rental agency to set the limits and rates. To help you make an informed decision, here are some things that you need to consider:

Mileage Fees

The value of a car (whether you own or rental) depreciates with each mile it travels. So in order to compensate this depreciating value the rental companies charge the renters for the mileage they cover. The mileage restrictions vary with individual rental companies; for instance, some companies would allow you to cover unlimited mileage for a flat fee, while some would offer you a free mileage and charge extra for every mile above it.

Unlimited Mileage Deals

Unlimited mileage deals are suitable for people who are not sure of their driving needs. Some rental companies would allow you to cover unlimited mileage within the state for a flat fee while some would allow you to drive cross borders. However, you must not break the rules, since the rental authorities can track your where the vehicle is being taken with help of the GPS systems.

Mileage Caps

Most rental companies would limit the number of miles you can cover on a particular day or over the entire rental period, if you are not opting for unlimited mileage. The mileage caps differ with every car rental company and you will have to pay extra for each extra mile above the cap.

Compare Costs

In order to make the best car rental deal, it is essential that you shop around and compare the costs. Since there is no hard and fast rule about mileage caps, you might be lucky to find a car rental company like wisecarhire.com (http://wisecarhire.com/) that offer the best car rental rates. By choosing the right car rental company you can make sure you get the best mileage deals.

Limited or Unlimited Rental Car Mileage – Which One to Choose?

Deciding between a limited and unlimited mileage plan might seem difficult, but with prior planning you can make sure you make the right decision. Here are some important things to be considered to make the right decision:

  • Distance to be travelled: In order to choose the best plan, consider the distance to be covered instead of the placed to be visited. A rough idea about the distance to be covered during the entire trip will help you choose the right mileage plan.
  • Availability of Unlimited Plans: Before hiring check whether an unlimited mileage plan is available or not. Oftentimes, an unlimited plan proves to be cheaper than the limited plans. So check all your options beforehand.
  • Additional Charges: Check out how much extra you have to pay for each extra mile above the cap limit. If the charges are too high, choosing an unlimited mileage plan would be wise.
  • Check Fine Prints: Check the fine prints on the contract to determine how many miles you can drive each day and how much extra you have to pay for extra miles. Also check if any unwanted clauses are included in the contract or not.

Prepare yourself well and go along with your gut feeling. Compare rates and make an informed decision to make your car rental experience the best one ever.


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