20th August 2019

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Car rental is mostly popular among vacationers, but car rentals can be helpful for more number of people. Apart from daily commuters and corporate people, even students can benefit from car rentals. However, hiring as a student can be much more complicated, since a number of car rental agencies don’t consider renting cars to young drivers.

Studies reveal that young drivers are more prone to accidents and this is the reason why they are considered to be high risk renters.  Recently, a number of car rental companies like Wise Car Hirehave relaxed their norms about young driver car rentals and this has made car rental easier for students between the age of 21 and 24.

Here are some things to consider and some tips that will help students to hire cars without hassles. First and foremost, being a young driver you will have to pay the ‘young driver surcharges’, which is either included within the rental rates or you have to pay it while collecting the car from the agency. If you want to avoid paying the surcharge, you can book the car in the name of someone who is older, but make sure he/she accompanies you while collecting the car.

To hire a car as a student, you will require:

  • The student I.D card (required when collecting the car)
  • The driving license and other paper works
  • A credit card. (It is better if it is in your name or if you’re using someone else’s card make sure he is present with your when making the payments).

Student Car Rental Money Saving Tips

Most students have limited budget and it is essential for them to hire a car at reasonable rate. It is even better if they can save money on car rentals. So, here are some quick tips that will help you save money on your student car rental:

  • Paying upfront makes you eligible to discount up to 10% on the overall rental cost.
  • Rent a small car and avoid upgrades.
  • Compare rate and choose the agency that offers the lowest rates
  • Avoid hiring at the airport
  • Ask for student discounts

Also check whether there are any hidden costs involved. Student discounts are very helpful and these are available with all the leading car rental agencies like Hertz, Thrifty and Sixt. Even if you are renting from a local car rental agency, you should be eligible for student discount.

Here are some more money saving tips:

  • Choose the right type of car
  • Consider the driver age and license requirements for the specific state where you will be hiring
  • Consider the road conditions, since many car rental agency impose limitations on the type of terrain where the car can be driven.
  • Buy additional insurance only when required.

Whether you are moving things or planning to go on a long drive with friends, car rental can be very helpful. So with help of proper planning, you can hire a car as a student without any hassles. So wait no more, hire a car and get going!

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