16th July 2019

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Car hire makes life easier for people and is often considered a better option than buying a car. However, there are some things that you should know before hiring a car. Car hire is a short term commitment, ideally for a few days or weeks and some companies might even ask the renters for a minimum commitment of 28days.

It is necessary that you abide by some regulations to make sure your car hire is honoured:

  • Many companies offer online reservation opportunities; so when booking a rental car, make sure you read and understand the agreement well. You must understand whether you are working directly with the rental company or via a vendor.
  • All the personal information provided by the consumers related to credit cards and other details are protected under the personal data law.
  • If the service requests are not honored between the agent and the consumer, the former is accountable for a limited liability. He/she is only responsible for the amount taken as agent commission and not for any other services. In fact, in most cases the agents are not even responsible for reimbursement of already paid up expenses.
  • A token amount needs to be paid to confirm the booking and the rest of the amount payable can be paid during the delivery. Some companies might also ask the renter to pay in full to confirm the booking.
  • Changes in the reservation are possible, however changes in payment is not accepted.
  • Cancellations must be done within the time limit set by the rental company. Beyond this period the entire money can be forfeited.
  • A number of car rental companies offer membership loyalty scheme, where the member are eligible to get a certain deals and discount.

Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring Cars in Wembley

Car hiring is a convenient method of adding mobility to your life; and with most companies like Wise Car Hire (http://wisecarhire.com/) there is nothing much that can go wrong but a couple of things need to be taken care of when hiring cars. Here are some basic pointers to help you make your car hiring a pleasant experience:

  • Do a Background Check: A number of car hire frauds have been reported in the recent years, so it is necessary that you perform a background check of the car rental company you are considering. Fraudulent companies would insist on cash payments, interact with customers through call centres and deny revealing company details.
  • Talk to the Customer Execs before Hiring: This will help you understand the temperament of the staffs and know how much experienced they are. If the customer executives make you feel good, chances are you are on the right tracks.
  • Know Your Requirements: You must always hire a car based on your requirements. Hiring a luxury car for shifting base would be a bad choice.
  • Check the Car Condition before Hiring: It is always recommended that you take a test drive before hiring a car. This way you will know whether you are comfortable driving the car and whether everything is working properly or not. You must also check the car for dents, scratches or other damages before hiring.
  • Verify Driver’s Past Records: In case you hire a car with a driver, it is a must that you do a background check (driving history, accident records, license validity, etc.) on the driver to make sure your journey of pleasant.

Today’s customers are equipped with a number of tools to help them make an informed decision, so as a customer you must make use of them and do the groundwork before signing the contract. Choose the right car rental and make your journey memorable.

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