20th August 2019

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Oftentimes we get so excited about our travel plans that we overlook some of the basic areas of car hire and end up spoiling our travel plans. Most car rental companies like Wise Car Hire works towards its client’s benefits but there are many who just work for their own benefit.

In order to make sure you don’t fall trap to any rip offs, here are some factors that you must consider:

  • The first thing you should avoid doing is renting a car from the airport. Most car rental services in North West London charge premium rates for renting at the airport, so in order to avoid paying higher rates you must consider hiring from a destination other than the airport.
  • When hiring a car in North West London, you either have to return the car with a full tank or with an empty tank. If you choose the first option, make sure you fill up the tank before turning the car. If you fail to do so, be prepared to pay extremely high bills.
  • Make sure you know about the additional costs like service charges, VAT (value added tax), etc. which can be around 10-30% depending upon the state from where you rent the car.
  • Check the condition of the car minutely. Car rental companies charge heavily for damages done to the car your hire, so it is necessary that you check the condition of the car very well. Look for scratches, dents, chipped paints and everything else that might make you pay extra. If possible take pictures of the car before driving it out.
  • Check what kind of coverage you already have before buying additional insurance. Ideally your personal auto insurance or the credit card company provides the necessary coverage, however it is recommended that you double check your options before hiring a car.
  • In case you fail to return the car within the specified time, it is best to extend the car rental contract for one more day rather than paying hourly rents. The extra hours are charged massively, so it can make your bills go sky high.
  • Make sure you follow the traffic rule; if you fail to do so your insurance might go void and in that case you will have to pay huge compensations.
  • If you hire a driver along with the car, check all the driver details – license, experience, past history, etc. before starting your journey. If you don’t want a driver, let the car rental company know in advance.
  • Have all your documents with you, especially if you are going out on an international tour. If you are driving yourself, make sure you have a compatible driving license.

By being vigilant about the car hire, you can save a lot of money and avoid unpleasant situations. Research a lot and work with a reliable car rental service in North West London to make your car rental experience memorable.

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