20th August 2019

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Car rental has become a major means of mobility for many people living in cities like Wembley. With ever increasing cost of maintaining a car, more and more people are choosing to rent a car over owning one. However, car rental can cost you a lot if you fail to choose the right car rental deal. In simple words, you need to look for a car rental deal, which will allow you to drive a car of your choice within your budget.

In order to prevent the car rental bills to touch the sky, here are some things that you must consider:

  • Booking a car yourself: Try avoiding booking a car through agents. No doubt travel agents can save a lot of time and energy, but they can be expensive. They live on commissions, so more expensive the deal is the better it is for them.
  • Booking a rental car in advance: last minute care rental deals tend to be very expensive. So try booking a car in advance to get the best deals and the best rates.
  • Choosing the right car: choice of the car is very important, so avoid choosing a large car when a compact car is enough for you requirements.
  • Not paying upfront: Paying upfront is not a good choice, since the money paid can be forfeited in case you need to make changes to your travel plans.
  • Comparing rates: Compare rates from a number of car rental agencies in Wembley to get the best rates.
  • Finding relocation deals: Oftentimes, car rental agencies require relocating their cars from one to the other; so if you are travelling to a place where the cars are being relocated, you can be lucky to get a car rental deal at rock bottom prices.
  • Hiring Locally: It is best to hire a car from a local car rental agency. You can also consider hiring from individuals who are willing to offer their cars on rent to earn some extra money.

There are number of reliable car rental agencies in Wembley like Wise Car Hire that offer car rentals at affordable rates; but not all are the same. So you must be careful not to fall trap to any car rental scams. Here is how you can avoid the most common types of scams:

  • Check the charges for additional drivers, speeding fines, electronic toll, etc.
  • Return the car with full tank
  • Pay using credit card
  • Stick to traffic rules
  • Return car on time
  • Check mileage limits
  • Make sure you return the car without damages

Renting a car might be crucial for you, but you need to make sure that you don’t drain out all your savings to rent a car. By following the above tips, you can save a lot on your next car rental and have the best car rental experience of your life!

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