20th August 2019

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Wedding is a lifetime experience and it is wise to make things special for both the bride and the groom. You can make the bride and groom feel even more special by planning special surprises for the wedding day. As friends, you can plan a surprise party on the last day of their bachelorhood or spinsterhood to make things even more exciting.

Here are a few tips that will help you plan an amazing bachelor’s and/or bachelorette party:

  • Hire a luxury car from a reputed car rental company like Wise Car Hire, to make sure you get the best car. Check the condition of the car before hiring to make sure it does not break-down all of a sudden. It is best to hire from a car rental company that specialises in wedding car rentals.
  • Choose a car of the right size. Determine how many people would be travelling, how long you would be travelling, etc. You want the bride or groom-to-be to feel comfortable, since they have to be prepared for the big day that follows.
  • Hire a chauffeur along with your car rental to make sure everything under control.
  • Hire a luxury car in person to avoid last minute hazards. A number of car rental companies con people by showcasing premium cars (which they don’t own) and take huge deposit amounts. When the day arrives, they simply deny the deal or say the car has broken down. They also don’t return the money saying the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Read the agreements well before signing the contract to avoid rip-offs. Oftentimes, a number of hidden costs are included in the agreement and if you fail to identify them, your rental bills can touch the sky!
  • Being close friends, you need to gift the bride and groom with something special and special things cost a lot. So, in order to save money to buy a great gift, you need to save as much money as you can on the car rental. So compare rates from various car rental agencies and choose the one that offers the best services at the most affordable rates.
  • Finally, you must communicate with the wedding car rental company clearly about your needs and requirements to enjoy a hitch-free ride.

When it comes to hiring a luxury car, you must focus on the reputation of the car rental company and the level of service offered. One more mistake made by many people, is to wait for the last minute to book a luxury car. Luxury cars are in demand during the wedding season, so if you don’t book a car in advance, you might have to compromise with the choice of car.

A car rental can make or break your wedding plans, so it is necessary that you hire right. Plan ahead and pick the right car to enjoy to the fullest.

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