20th August 2019

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How many times have you thought about driving your own car to your favourite destination and then dropped the idea due to limited seating space or other reasons? Now you can make your dreams come true by hiring self drive vans and cars. An increased number of people in London and surrounding areas are choosing self drive options, since the advantages are many. You can accommodate as many people as you want, go to places of your choice without worrying about break-downs or other hassles.

Hiring a self drive van in London can be exciting, but you must understand that driving a van is much different than driving a car. However, if you are not confident enough, you can also hire a driver to drive you along. But if you can manage, it can be the best option. Here are some reasons why self drive vans can be advantageous:

Have Enough Privacy

By hiring a self drive van you can enjoy all the benefits of driving your own car. Maintain your privacy and spend some quality time with your friends and family. If you can manage to drive the van yourself, there would be no one to sneak into your private moments.

No Safety Issues

Oftentimes, drivers do not get enough rest or don’t get paid appropriately, thus they end up driving rashly. By driving the van yourself, you can avoid all such issues. You can have complete control on the van and can drive as per your own requirements. Moreover, you don’t have to depend on someone else to drive you to a specific destination.


Self drive van hire in London is the most flexible option, since you can plan the trip according to your own preferences. You can start as early or as late as you wish to, stop whenever and wherever you wish to and even adjust the speed accordingly. But in case, you hire a driver you will have to depend on him and ask him to stop when required, or wait for him to start the journey.

Cost effective Solution

Car hire is a cost effective solution and by choosing self drive options you can save even more. You don’t have to pay for the driver and you can also save on fuel. Oftentimes, the rental rates for self drive vans and cars are lower than normal rental plans, so you get to save more.

You get all the above benefits in additional to the advantages of van rental. So if you are planning for a vacation or a long drive with your extended family, consider a self drive van rental. You can choose from a wide range of vans and travel in the most cost-effective manner. With increase in demand for van rentals, the car rental companies in London like Wise Car Hire are adding vans (of different sizes) to their existing fleet.

Start looking for a reliable and reputed van rental company that offers self drive van rental and save money on your next vacation. Start planning you vacation right away and make it memorable with self drive van hire in London.

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