20th August 2019

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Going out with friends can be very exciting but only if you plan well. Apart from selecting the right destination, you must also plan your mode of transportation – whether you will drive your own car or hire one. The latter is always the better choice, since you can travel without any hassles. But hiring a car as a college student can be very difficult. Not many car rental companies would be willing to consider your request, since they avoid renting cars to young drivers. However, there is one good side to it – if you are able to find a car rental company that rents cars to college students, you will be able to ask for student discounts.

Before visiting a car rental company, there are many things that you must know to ensure you make no mistakes. For a smooth and hassle free car rental experience, here are a few things that you must know:

  • Most of the time, college students will have to pay the young driver’s surcharge in order to hire a car. So it is necessary that you compare rates from several companies and choose a company that asks for the lowest charges.
  • As students, you will be eligible to get special discount. These discounts are offered by all leading car rental companies such as Hertz, Sixt, Avis, etc. Many independent car rental companies such as Wise Car Hire also offer attractive discounts on student car rentals.
  • You will be allowed to hire a car if you have a full and valid foreign license. In case of international students, they will be allowed to drive any small car that has been listed on their licenses. In case you don’t have an EEC license, you need to have an international driving permit that is written in English.
  • Foreign license holder might have to pay extra charges to hire a car, so it is necessary that you get all the details before hiring a car.

Important Things to Know About Car Rental

When hiring a car, whether to go out with your friends or shift your things to your college dorm, there are a number of things to be taken care of. By preparing yourself well you can ensure that you have a smooth car rental experience and avoid paying hefty charges.

Here are some of the important things that you must know:

  • Avoid driving on unpaved roads. This is more important if you are planning to visit the countryside in a rental car. Driving on unpaved roads will be considered as a breach of the rental agreement and you will be made to pay a hefty amount in compensation.
  • Ask about mileage restrictions. It is recommended not to exceed the mileage cap if you want to avoid additional charges.
  • Buy additional insurance only when required.
  • Know about the specific travel policies if you are planning to drive the car out of the state. You must also inquire about the travel policies of the state you will be visiting.
  • Check the car for cosmetic damages before driving it out
  • Return the car within the allotted time

By following the above guidelines, you can avoid additional charges and have peace of mind. So start planning your outing and have a great time with your friends.

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