18th September 2019

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Car Hire London – Myths Busted

There are times when you can’t do without a car rental. The first thing that crosses your mind when your car lands in the repair shop is a car rental; if you have to take you extended family to a weekend outing, you can’t do without hiring a van (if you don’t own one already). […]

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Moving to a College Dorm? Here are Some Quick Tips to Shift Smoothly

Starting college can be very exciting but it has its own set of challenges. It might become even more difficult if you are shifting to a new city or state. Staying away from your family, adjusting to a new lifestyle can take a toll on your overall emotional state. There is one more thing to […]

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Tips for Hiring a Car on Eid

Eid-al-Fitr – the happiest time of the year for the Muslims around the world. Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated across London and special arrangements are made at the Trafalgar Square which includes Quran recitations, food stalls offering varieties of Malaysian, Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, Indonesian, South Asian and Arabic cuisines, music concerts and market stalls. Not only the […]

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Safe Driving Tips to Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable New Year

New Year is all about partying and having fun. Whether you are planning to check out the most happening places in the town or plan a grand party with friends and family in your home, there are many safety measures that you need to take. It is not only about keeping yourself safe, but also […]

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Let Your Style Speak This New Year

The New Year is round the corner and it is the time of year when people meet family and friends and plan extravagant parties. Whether you are planning to go on a trip or meet the extended family, you need to start planning in advance. Car rental companies offer numerous attractive deals and discount for […]

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