20th June 2019

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New Year is all about partying and having fun. Whether you are planning to check out the most happening places in the town or plan a grand party with friends and family in your home, there are many safety measures that you need to take. It is not only about keeping yourself safe, but also make sure that others are safe as well. So if you have made plans to go around the city in a car, whether your own car or a rented car, you must drive safely.

Here are some safe driving tips that you must remember:

Hire a Car with an Experienced Chauffeur

If you are planning at your place, there is nothing much to be worried about; but if you are planning to go to a friend’s place or to a disco, you should avoid driving. New Year is the time to let yourself go, so it is not wise to recommend not to have drinks or party hard; but driving under such conditions can prove fatal. So hire a car with a chauffeur and party as much as you want. It is wise to hire a car and a driver, even if you are planning a party at your place. You can drop your friends at home to ensure they are safe.

Move in Groups

This is a no brainer but still very important. Streets become very unsafe with drunk drivers and rogue people, so chances of mishaps are higher. If you have your friends or family with you, there would always be someone to help you in case of an emergency. So if your car, whether rented or your own, breaks down in the middle of the road, you will always have help at hand.

Have an Alternative Plan

No matter how foolproof your plans are, things can go the other way round at any moment. So it is always necessary to have an alternative plan. Stay connected with friends and family all the time. Keep your phone fully charged and have enough money with you. If you have to take a cab due to an emergency make sure you don’t travel alone; take a friend along. Avoid visiting unknown places or going too far. Emergencies can happen any time, so have plans A, B, C and so on….just in case.

New Year Car Rental Resolutions

New Years are incomplete without making a few resolutions, so let’s do something different this year. Instead of promising yourself to have healthy food, join a gym or learn a new skill, let’s make some car rental resolutions.

Here are some interesting New Year car rental resolutions that you can consider making:

  • Try driving a new type of car
  • Hire a car and go out on an unplanned trip
  • Go out for an adventure trip
  • Investing a lot of time while choosing a car rental company

Car rentals are an important part of your life, so make sure you make the right choices to make things easier and safer.

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