20th August 2019

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Starting college can be very exciting but it has its own set of challenges. It might become even more difficult if you are shifting to a new city or state. Staying away from your family, adjusting to a new lifestyle can take a toll on your overall emotional state. There is one more thing to consider – shifting your belongings to the college dorm.

Shifting can be one of the most daunting tasks, since no matter how well you prepare, something or the other seems to get out of control. So it is important that you plan your move and make sure you don’t stress yourself too much. Here are some tips for a smooth move:

Know What to Take

Even though it might seem difficult to stay without the things of everyday use, it won’t be possible for you to take the entire home with you. So make a list of things that you would need – the essential ones only. Once you have shortlisted, start packing them in cartons and suitcases. Pack carefully and label each box so that you know what is where.

Identify How to Move Your Things

There are several ways in which you can move your belongings and you need to choose the right method depending upon your destination and your budget.

  • Moving by car: If your college is within driving distance, you can rent a car and move the things yourself. This is oftentimes the easiest and cheapest mode of transferring things since you have control over everything and you can move things according to your own convenience. You just have to consider one thing – hiring a car as a young driver can be difficult. Most reputed car rental companies avoid renting cars to young drivers since they are considered high risk customers. So as an elder to book a car for your or be ready to pay the surcharges.
  • Moving by Truck: If you have many things to be shifted, it is recommended to hire a truck. This will help you move everything at once. Trucks and vans of various sizes are available for rent, so you can choose one that is best suited for your needs. But you may have problems hiring a truck or van as a young driver; so start looking for the options in advance.
  • Moving by bus: If you are unable to find car or van rentals, it is best to move your belongings by a bus. You can either load the things in the bus you are travelling or you can also choose a bus cargo.

Hiring Movers and Packers

Whether you need to hire a moving and packing service depends on your specific needs. If you are moving to a different country and are unable to handle the packing, it is best to hire a professional. But if you have only a few things to be shifted it won’t be a good idea to hire a professional. So evaluate your requirements and then decide whether you need to hire movers and packers.

Planning in advance can reduce confusions and keep stress at bay. So start planning ahead of time and have a smooth move.

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