20th August 2019

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There are times when you can’t do without a car rental. The first thing that crosses your mind when your car lands in the repair shop is a car rental; if you have to take you extended family to a weekend outing, you can’t do without hiring a van (if you don’t own one already). No doubt there are numerous benefits of hiring a car or van; but there are people who see it as a waste of money. These people often spread rumours about car hire London and those who do not hire cars regularly often believe them.

Thus it is required to bring the true picture in front of everyone and bust the myths related to car hire London. Let’s get started:

Car Rental Scams? What Are They?

While most reputed car rental companies such as Wise Car Hire try their best to offer their clients with satisfactory services; there are companies that have been set up for scamming people. The unscrupulous companies advertise low prices and then inflate the rental bills by including a number of hidden costs.

To avoid scams, it is necessary that you communicate clearly and get everything in writing in form of an agreement.

Inspection before Hiring

While most car rental companies claim they allow clients to inspect the cars before they hire them, seldom do clients get a chance. This is the reason why renters are often made to pay for damages that they did not cause.

Thus it is necessary that you inspect the car thoroughly before hiring. Click photos of the existing damages and make the staff aware of it. Also inquire about the accepted level of natural wear and tear. Also ask, what amount you have to pay, in case there are minor damages.

Beware of Hail Damages

Car rental companies often charge their clients heavily for hail damages. Even though such damages are very minor and not visible to naked eyes, the car rental companies do not leave any chance to maximise their profits. So it is necessary that you consider the weather conditions before you hire a car. in case you are planning to drive cross borders, make sure you check the weather conditions there.

However, you cannot always predict a change in the weather, so you must be prepared. Enquire about the damage checking process, the amount to be paid for such damages and how will they make sure that the damages were done when you hired the car and not before that.

By considering the above mentioned factors you can avoid unpleasant experiences and make your car rental experience memorable. So when hiring a car, make sure you communicate well, read the agreement carefully and check whether any hidden costs are included or not. In case, you have confusions, get them cleared at the earliest and ask questions whenever required.

By planning ahead and knowing what to do and how to do it, you can ensure a glitch free experience for yourself. So go ahead and hire your desired car!

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