20th August 2019

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Wedding Car Rental

A lot of effort goes into making a wedding successful – arranging accommodation, deciding the menu, the wedding gown and a lot of other things need to be taken care of. Another important consideration is transportation. It is evident that you and your family members will be busy on the wedding day so it is best to have everything planned in advance.

However, most people forget about arranging for the transportation and mess up everything at the last moment. Last minute decisions often lead to confusions and the probability of making mistakes is the highest. So if you want everything to go smooth on your wedding day, start planning as early as possible.

To help you get everything on track, here are some mistakes that you must avoid making:

Hiring from Individuals

Never consider hiring cars from individuals on your wedding day, since it can lead to a number of problems such as delayed arrivals, break-downs, no-shows etc. So it is always recommended to hire from professional car rental companies such as Wise Car Hire to avoid unpleasant experiences. Even if something goes wrong, the professional car rental companies will cover them up so that you don’t face any troubles.

Not Scrutinising the Contract

Not reading the car rental contract is one of the biggest mistakes people make. You might be busy with other aspects of wedding planning, so ask someone else to take care of the car rentals. Ask them to read the contracts thoroughly to check whether all the clauses are as per the discussions and whether any hidden costs are added. The date, time, name of the driver and all other essential information must be included in the contract.

Not Plan the Route

If you fail to plan the route beforehand, things can go wrong any time. Traffic is a major issue if you are planning your wedding in the city centre. There can be other issues as well, so it is best to consider everything and make a plan in advance. While planning the route add 10-15 minutes to each interval (as a cap time), so that even if something goes wrong it can be taken care of.

Making Decisions Based on Prices Alone

It is important to work according to your budget, but making decisions solely based on price can be the biggest mistake. Compare the services offered to the prices asked to see whether it is reasonable or not. Low prices can be attractive but they often indicate hidden costs, below-average services, etc. So compare rates from various car rental agencies and sign a contract with one that offers the best services or the rates quoted.

Not Asking for Recommendations

In order to make your wedding day special, it is always recommended to work with the best car rental agencies. So get recommendations from your friends and family to locate the best companies in your area. Getting recommendations not only saves you from bad experiences, it also saves you a lot of time.

So start planning ahead and make the most of you wedding day.

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