20th August 2019

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If you are considering shifting your base, you know how stressful it can be to manage all aspects of house shifting. Packing your belongings, shifting it to the new destination and unloading them all over again – a lot need to be taken care of.  Hiring the wrong vehicle can add to the dilemma, so hiring van the right vehicle is a must to make sure your belongings are shifted safely and without hassles.

With a plethora of cheap car rental choices available, it won’t be too difficult to choose the right kind of vehicle. However, when it comes to shifting base, hiring a van is the best option; but they come in a wide range of sizes and types. So you need to evaluate your needs before zeroing in on the type of vehicle you need to hire. For instance, if you are moving into your first home, you would generally not have too many things to move; so a medium sized van would be good enough. Whereas, if you are moving with your family; you might require a large van to move all your belongings.

In case you can’t make out what type of van would be suitable for you, you can get consultations from a reputed car rental agency such as Wise Car Rental. Most well-known car rental agencies would have experience in helping clients shift their base, so they can guide you regarding the kind of van that would be best suited for you. One you know which van is the most suitable for you; you can start with the packing. But if you are doing the packing yourself, make sure you do it correctly to ensure no harm is done to your belongings. Here are some quick packing tips that will help you have a smooth move:

  • Cover the delicate items with bubble wraps to protect them from damage.
  • Dismantle furniture and cover the surfaces with pads.
  • Wrap upholstery in plastic wraps
  • Defrost the refrigerator and pack tightly
  • Pack the clothes in wardrobe boxes. Lay them flat.

Label all the boxes properly and number them as you pack. This will help you identify the things inside the box and where they need to be placed in the new home. Unpacking can be a lot more troublesome than packing; so prepare well. Once you are done with the packing, drive the van close to your house (as close as possible), so that you don’t have to carry the loads too far. Make sure the van you choose has a door large enough to help you load the boxes without hassles.

Place the mattresses and upholstery on the bottom and on the walls; this will act as padding for the other items. Then start moving the boxes. Make sure they sit tightly against each other, to avoid damage from jerking; but make sure not to exert too much pressure to damage the things inside.

Do your homework well, before you start moving; a good amount of preparation is necessary to have smooth move.

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