18th September 2019

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Winter Car Rental Tips

With the holidays knocking at the door, many people would be busy planning their road trips with friends and family. Driving during winter, especially through snow-clad roads can be fun but dangerous as well. If you have any such plans make sure an experienced driver drives you through. You may have heard people talking about […]

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Planning a Countryside Trip? Here are a Few Car Rental Things to Consider

Road trips can be both adventurous and exciting whether you plan it with your family or friends. Road trips are especially very appealing to people of all age groups since they can choose their own destinations, make their own schedules and do whatever they like. When it comes to road trips, all that matters is […]

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New Year Car Rental Safety Tips for 2016

If you travel quite often you might be familiar with the feeling when you get down from the airplane – jetlagged, tired and hungry, the first thing you want to do is get into the car and drive right away. So you visit the nearest car rental desk, sign the agreement and drive away. But […]

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Going on a Long Drive with Your Girlfriend! – Consider a Short Term Car Rental

If you are all set to woo your girlfriend and take her on a long drive in her favourite car, a short term car rental can help you achieve your goals and save money at the same time. If your girlfriend demands that she wants to go out in a Peugeot, it might not be […]

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