20th August 2019

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If you travel quite often you might be familiar with the feeling when you get down from the airplane – jetlagged, tired and hungry, the first thing you want to do is get into the car and drive right away. So you visit the nearest car rental desk, sign the agreement and drive away.

But once you get inside the car and start the ignition, you understand that most of the elements inside the car are unknown to you. This happens to a lot of people; they hire a car at the spur of a moment and realise that most mechanisms are unknown to them, only once they get inside the car. With the holiday season approaching and the streets starting to get crowded, you should make sure you make no mistakes that would cause harm to the people on the streets.

To help you have a safe drive and avoid harming others on the street, here are some safety tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Insurance: Check with your auto insurance provider and your credit card company about the current coverage. If it is not enough get an additional insurance to keep you covered from liabilities, just in case.
  2. Check the Condition: Before signing the agreement make sure you take a test drive to understand whether the car is in its best condition or not. Although many people check the car visually for scratches and dings, it is necessary that you check its working condition as well.
  3. Hire a Familiar Car: Whether you are a young driver or not, hire a car that you are familiar with. Since the streets would be highly crowded you won’t get much time to understand the mechanisms and then react. By hiring a familiar car you can drive safely and confidently without causing harm to anyone.
  4. Comparison: Avoid being scammed during the New Year. Too many people report of being scammed during the holiday season. So it is important that you worth with a reputed car rental company such as Wise Car Hire and compare plans to get the best deals on car rental. Moreover, in order to hire a car that you desire, it is best to start planning well in advance, before the rush begins. This way you will also have ample time to do some research and perform a background check, thus lower the chances of being ripped off.
  5. Understand the Agreement: It is important that you read and understand the agreement well before driving off the car. Understand where you are allowed to drive and where you are not. Remember if you break the rules, even if by mistake the insurance will be considered void. So you will have to pay for the damages done to the car.

There are numerous car rental service providers, so take your time and make the right decision as to which car rental service suits your needs the most and ensures a safe drive. Most car rental agencies distribute safety tip brochures along with the car rentals, so make sure you go through at least once.

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