20th August 2019

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With the holidays knocking at the door, many people would be busy planning their road trips with friends and family. Driving during winter, especially through snow-clad roads can be fun but dangerous as well. If you have any such plans make sure an experienced driver drives you through. You may have heard people talking about the safety measures people should take while driving on snow-clad roads; but not all of them are right. Some are true, while some are people’s own perceptions.

People often say a four-wheel drive is the best when driving during the winter, but it is only true if the roads are heavily snow-clad; however, investing in a four-wheel drive would be a good option keeping the safety aspect in mind. So what are the other things you need to consider if you are planning to go on a long drive this winter? Here are some factors that you should consider:

The Right Kind of Tires

In some countries, it is a must to have snow tires; while in other you can do with an all-weather treads. So you need to choose the type of tire depending upon your destination. If you choose snow tires, you may have to pay some extra charges, so it is recommended that you have a talk with the car rental agency about the rates, in case you need to hire a car with snow tires.

Check the Car Condition Thoroughly

This is very important, since a breakdown in the middle of a snow-clad road can give you a tough time. Moreover, driving on snow is very dangerous, so a car that is not in its best condition can lead to severe or fatal accidents. Therefore before hiring a care, here are the things you must check:

  • Whether the head and back lights work properly
  • Whether the wipers are in good working condition
  • Whether the windscreen is topped and provided with antifreeze
  • The tire conditions
  • The weather conditions of the destination you are heading towards

It is also recommended that you start with a full tank to ensure the car does not stop in the middle of the road.

The Right Kind of Car

Choosing the right kind of car is very important to ensure the safety of your co-passengers. For instance, a car with manual transmission is best for snow covered roads. Again a four-wheel drive is best for mountainous terrain, while if you are driving on a plain road then choosing a car with anti-lock braking system would be the best.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Even though travellers are recommended to bring their own extras, they might require hiring some from the car rental agency during the winter. These include ice scrapers, warm driving gloves, etc. well known car rental agencies such as Wise Car Hire will have all the arrangements to make your journey safe and enjoyable. You can bring them along if you already have them.

Driving during winter can be exciting and fun but only if you have taken the necessary safety measures.  Talk to your car rental agency and get going.

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