18th September 2019

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How to Avoid Excess Toll Charges While Driving a Rental Car

Toll roads are becoming a very common in major cities and a lot of them are e-toll booths. These were made to make travelling easier – no standing in queues and no fumbling for coins. Yes it has made life easier for a lot of commuters but those driving a rental car can have a […]

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Limo or Party Bus – What to Choose?

Whether you are planning a getaway with friends in a weekend or co-ordinating a bachelor/ bachelorette party for your friend, you must be worried about your transportation needs. Arranging the right kind of transportation ensures you and the group reaches the destination safely, while helping you save money on your car rental. When planning to […]

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Should You Pre-Pay for Gas when Hiring a Car?

So you are all set to hire a car and just when you feel confident enough to answer all the questions at the car hire counter, you encounter the toughest question – ‘Do you want to pre-pay for gas’? Though car rental companies often showcase it as a great advantage for the renters; it might […]

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