27th May 2019

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So you are all set to hire a car and just when you feel confident enough to answer all the questions at the car hire counter, you encounter the toughest question – ‘Do you want to pre-pay for gas’? Though car rental companies often showcase it as a great advantage for the renters; it might mean something else for the car renters. For some it might really mean a lot but for some it might be a no-no.

How would you decide whether it is best to pre-pay for gas or return the car with a full tank? Car companies urge their clients to pre-pay for gar since they are of the opinion that once their clients pre-pay they have don’t have to worry about topping the tank before returning the car. But oftentimes, it is just a way to inflate their profits. You surely don’t want to drain your money; so it is necessary that you make the right decisions when hiring a car.

Think Again Before Pre-Paying for Gas

When you stand in the queue for hiring a car, you will find that most salesmen behind the counters (almost) force their clients to pre-pay for gas. Why? They do this because it is a great opportunity for the car rental company to make some quick money. Car rental companies tout that they offer pre-paying options at prices that are much lower compared to that of the local gas stations. But why would they do such a favour to their clients? There is a different story behind this.

The gas price offered by the car rental companies is often higher or equal to that of the local car stations. They will show lower rates and then add up extras to make the figures go high. Pre-paid gas is subject to higher tax rates, which means that prices will go up automatically. So it is a win-win situation for them. You can hardly find car rental companies that actually offer low gas prices.

Moreover, if you hire at a premium location such as the airport, you will be charged extra. Again, even if you agree to pre-pay for gas, it is almost impossible to return the car with an empty tank. Most people are known to return the cars with one-third or one-fourth tank; so the next time they hire the same car, they have to rest the rest of the tank and not the entire tank. So it is a gain for them. However, there are a few car rental companies such as Wise Car Hire that allow their clients to choose an option that best suits them. Thus before you go to hire a car, evaluate your options well. It is often beneficial to return the car with a full tank rather than pre-paying for gas. However, situations may differ.

By making the right decision, you can ensure your car rental is affordable and smooth. Thus know your options well and do your homework to have the best car rental experience this season.

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