27th May 2019

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Whether you are planning a getaway with friends in a weekend or co-ordinating a bachelor/ bachelorette party for your friend, you must be worried about your transportation needs. Arranging the right kind of transportation ensures you and the group reaches the destination safely, while helping you save money on your car rental. When planning to move in groups, you have two options – a limo or a party bus.

While both have their own pros and cons and can satisfy your transportation needs, the type of vehicle you need to hire depends on the type of event you are attending and the number of people who would be travelling together. Here are some factors that you need to consider when deciding whether you need to hire a limo or a party bus:

Number of Guests

Limousines can comfortably accommodate six to eight people and stretch limousines can accommodate about 15 to 20 people; while a party bus can easily fit 20 to 50 people (depending upon the size of the bus). So determine how many people would be travelling together to decide which vehicle would suit you the best.

Impression is All that Matters

The type of event you are going to attend is an important consideration. Limousines reflect class and elegance; while party buses are more casual in nature. So if you are attending a wedding or any special event, it would be best to choose a limousine. While if you are planning a getaway or going to the prom night, a party bus might be much more suitable.

The Mood

Travelling in a limousine is all about comfort, intimacy and luxury; so it is suitable for couples going on honeymoon or people attending a corporate event. Limousines are a lot spacious so if you are wearing a ball gown or a tuxedo, you will feel more comfortable in a limo. Overall limos set a classic mood.

Party buses are all about fun. You can set in the party mood and let yourself go! Party buses are often equipped with neon disco lights, heavy-bass speakers, dancing poles, bar counters and more. So if you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party or planning to go around the city on New Year’s Eve, a party bus would be the best option.


The destination also matters when you need to choose between a party bus and a limo. Car rental companies might not allow you to take a limo to the countryside (due to unpaved roads) or cross the borders. On the other hand they might be willing to allow you to drive to the countryside in a party bus since it can withstand rugged terrains.

So when you need to decide between a party bus and a limo, consider the above factors. In case you have any difficulty, you can talk to the staffs at the car rental company and ask for help. Reputed car rental companies such as Wise Car Rentals would offer you with the most suitable solutions, so that you have the best car rental experience ever.

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