20th August 2019

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So you are all sorted to go out for holidaying, but what about the car rental? If you fail to prepare yourself for holiday car rental, be prepared to see unexpected charges getting added to your bill. According to a research by Avis Car Rental, a huge portion of the population considers hiring a car is a great way to make the most of the holidays and 73 percent of the respondents think it gives them more freedom; while 53 percent think it gives them a chance to test a new model.

However, the research also revealed that 51 percent respondents believe car rental companies charge heavily for additional products or services. So in order to make holiday car rental more satisfying and affordable, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Research Well

This is especially important during the holiday season, since the prices tend to shoot up during the peak season. You might have problem finding the desired car; or even if you are lucky to find it, you might have to pay higher rates. So in order to bag a great holiday car rental deal, shop around. Apart from looking at the big rental companies, check out third-party companies that list car rental deals. Prices vary significantly; so compare the rates before zeroing in on a deal.

Separate Excess Waiver Insurance

Car rental companies sell excess waiver policies to the clients that come with big excesses. This means the clients would be liable for paying huge compensations in case any damage is done to the car. However, by buying standalone excess waiver car insurance policy from a third party, you can save a lot of money and have better coverage as well.

Look for the Right Coverage

Many car rental clients think they are covered for everything since they invested in car rental insurance; but they must understand that there are different levels of coverage. So it is a must that car rental clients take a few minutes to go through their policies and check what level of coverage is offered. Evaluate your needs and then buy a policy accordingly.

Avoid Paying Extra for Delays

Flights keep getting cancelled or run late due to a number of reasons, especially during the holiday season. But if you return the car after the specified time, you may be charged extra (about a day’s charge). So it is best to have a few extra hours in hand, just in case there are delays.

Check the Fleet

In contrary to what you think, you might not be able to rent the exact make and model that you booked. This is because rental cars are booked in ‘bands’. So before making your booking check he fleet to ensure there are other cars that suit your personal needs. If you fail to check beforehand, you may have to settle for a larger car that costs higher or a smaller car that make you uncomfortable.

By keeping the following factors in mind apart from the general rental rules, you can ensure a smooth and satisfactory car rental experience.

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