20th August 2019

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How are you planning to spend the holidays? Staying back at home or going out with friends? Whatever your plans are, a Christmas car rental can make things easier. Every year there is a surge in cheap car rental deals during the festive season; however a number of such deals are fake. The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) issues warnings for car rental customers every year during this festive season advising them to stay vigilant about unscrupulous car rental companies and fake deals.

So how would you identify a fake deal? Even though it is a tough job, here are a few pointers that will help you identify a fake:

Cash Only Transactions

Most unscrupulous car rental companies insist clients to pay cash. They avoid taking payments through credit cards, since it is a lot easier to track people who accept payments via credit cards and you can stop a transaction in case there are problems. So beware of companies that insist on cash payments. Reliable and established car rental companies such as Wise Car hire would recommend paying through credit cards, so that there are no issues.

No Documents

Since the demand for car rentals are very high during the festive season, car rental companies insist customers to bring in all the documents and they allow them to hire a car only after the documents are thoroughly checked. Such steps are taken by the car rental companies to avoid hassles such as car accidents, etc. Young drivers are often not allowed to hire cars during festive season since they are at a higher risk due to their inexperience.

So if you approach a car rental company and they allow you to hire a car without checking the documents, the warning bells should start ringing instantly

No Official Website or Office

All well-established car rental companies maintain a website and have a registered address from where they operate their business; if you find deals from a company that neither has website or a permanent office address then it is best to look for some other car rental company, no matter how attractive the deals are.

Third Party Car Rental

The most well-known and renowned own the fleet of cars that is offered for rental. Most rental companies that work in partnership with third party car rental providers are unscrupulous; so when looking for Christmas car rental make sure you work with a company that owns the cars it is offering.

You can also perform a background check on the companies offering unbeatable deals on Christmas car rental. Signing fake deals often cost you a lot more; so you must put in all efforts to find a trustworthy car rental company. The BVRLA also says that if a deal seems too good to be true, then it actually is, so stay away from such deals. Even if you have to pay a little higher for hiring from a well-known car rental company, it would be a better deal, since you will have peace of mind. So stay away from car rental scams and make the most of your holidays.

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