20th June 2019

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Whether you are planning a night out with friends or picking up your rental car from the airport after the flight has arrived at the destination, driving during the night can often be unavoidable. People often feel less confident while driving at night since the risks are higher and because of the fact that most fatalities happen at night. Things become even more difficult for new drivers as they have less experience. So if you can’t avoid driving a car during night, here are some tips that will help you keep yourself and your co-passengers stay safe:

Use Headlights

It is always recommended that you switch on the headlights an hour before dusk. This makes things visible and your car becomes visible to other drivers as well. In case of bad weather, you must use the headlight irrespective of time of the day. Another important thing to consider is aiming the headlight correctly. You can refer to the user manual to aim the headlight or take help from the professionals at the car rental company to get it right. Check the quality of bulbs and make sure they produce light as they used to when they were new.

Don’t Follow Too Closely

It is always advised not to follow a car too closely, no matter what time of the day it is and this rule must be followed more stringently during night time. If you come too close to the preceding car, the headlights become brighter and limit the visibility of the driver causing various problems. Again, if you are too close to a car, it might make the driver nervous and make him react badly to an obstacle on the road.

Keeping safe distance also allows you to react safely in case something bad happens. Moreover, you are in a better position regulate the speed of you keep safe distance from other cars.

Stay Alert

Precaution is always better than cure, so it is a must that you stay alert when driving at night. Not everyone follows the rules and not all accidents happen due to your own mistakes; so keep your eyes and ears open to spot cars without headlights, animals, children and other things. Take a look at the mirrors quite often to keep track of whatever is happening around you. Make sure the mirrors are clean enough and positioned correctly, so that you don’t get fooled or mislead.

Stay Away From Distraction

Distractions lead to road accidents, even during day time; so it is best to stay away from all distractions and focus on driving alone. If you are driving after getting down from the flight it is best to hire a driver, since there are high chances you will feel tired after driving a few miles. Dozing off while driving can be as fatal as distractions; so stay alert and stay away from distractions.

The challenges are many when you have to driving at night so you must be prepared and drive cautiously. Staying alert can help you stay safe and keep your friends and family safe.

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