27th May 2019

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Need to rent a car at night? Sure you can! There are many people who need to hire a car at night after their flight has arrived at the destination. Most airport car rental kiosks are open 24X7, so you should not have problem finding a rental car. But hiring a car at night is quite different from hiring one during day time; therefore you need to prepare ahead.

By considering some factors, you can make sure the car rental procedure is smooth and satisfactory. Here is what you need to consider when hiring a car at night:

Night Time Charges

Most car rental agencies do not operate at night; it is therefore wise to have a talk with the car rental representatives to know whether there is any provision of night time car rental. If there is you may have to pay out of hours’ fee. The charges vary with individual car rental agencies; hence it is good to compare rates from several car rental agencies. You also need to inform the agency, in case your flight gets delayed.

Evaluate the Collection Options

When it comes to collecting the rental car at night, the options may vary. Some agencies may allow you to collect their car from the airport, whereas some would ask you to pick up the car from their depot. Make sure you are aware of the collection terms in advance to avoid confusion at the last minute.

Check the Vehicle

Surveying the rental car is very important and it is even more important of you are hiring a car at night. Checking the car in daylight is easier as compared to checking it during night; so if the light is dim use your inspect thoroughly. Make sure the representative records the pre-existing damages. Take photos to ensure no confusion is created later.

Check the Headlights

Make sure you check the headlights and the rear lights thoroughly since you would be driving at night. If there is any problem with the lights ask the agency to get the lights changed immediately. Driving with a dim light can be very dangerous for you as well as other drivers, hence make sure there is no problem with the lights.

Most reputed car rental companies such as Wise Car Hire would allow their clients to pick up a rental car regardless of what time it is and help the customers in every way; but not all car rental agencies offer the same level of customer service. It is therefore, wise to check the services offered and prepare yourself accordingly.

Moreover, night time car rental might not be available for young drivers, since it becomes even riskier to allow an inexperienced driver to drive at night; so you need to make sure you have an adult experienced driver who can help you hire a car. Remember, hiring a car at night is much different from hiring a car during day; so you need to be very careful.  Hiring a car at night is not impossible, but it might be difficult; so prepare accordingly.

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