20th August 2019

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With loads of museums, local attractions, galleries, restaurants, and pubs, London is one of the most bustling cities in England. People, who have visited this city, keep coming back for more since London has a lot to offer. No matter at what time of the year you choose to visit London, you will always have something new to experience. So if you have planned to take a trip to London this winter, here is what you can see and do in London during the winter.

If you want to make the most of your travelling, hire a car in London in advance. London attracts a huge number of tourists all through the year, so the car rentals in London tend to be full all the time. Check out the reputed car rental agencies in London such as Wise Car Hire and make your bookings in advance. This will ensure you get a car of your choice and you can plan your travel according to your own preferences.

Now let us check out the hottest places to visit and things to do, when in London:

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

This is one of the best places to be in London, during the winter. You can try some ice skating, drink mulled wine and check out the Christmas markets. The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland hosts one of the city’s largest festivals, so it is best to have the tickets booked in advance.

Ice Skating – A Must Try

A number of places in London including Hyde Park, Somerset House, Tower of London and others host outdoor ice skating events. No matter how good or bad you are at skating, you must never miss a chance to try out ice skating. The venues are beautifully decked up with lights and decorations, so you can enjoy the ambience even if you don’t enter the rink.

The Buckingham Palace

This tops the list of must visit places no matter what time of the year you visit London. This is a beautiful building with architecture worth praising, where the Queen lives. The changing of the guards is worth watching and it takes place at a specific time every day, so you must be present before time to avoid disappointments. A guided tour will help you learn the history of London and the Royal family.

National History Museum

A must visit place of you are travelling with kids – no matter what age they are. See their eyes lit up when they see the giant Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton in the Hintze hall, or learn about the human body, take a close look at the fossils and get to know all about earthquakes and volcanoes. Not only children, even adults have a lot to see and learn in the National History Museum.

These are only a few of the many places that you can visit in London during the winter. In order to cover up all the other places, you need to plan well and have a car that you can drive around whenever you wish to.

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