20th August 2019

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Chauffeured rental cars can add to the comfort, convenience and flexibility of both the casual and business travellers. You may also have to choose a chauffeur driven rental car if you do not have an international license or you are below the age limit (young driver). A chauffeur will not only driver the car, but will accompany you throughout, hence it is a must that you choose the right chauffeur for your rental car.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you choose the right chauffeur and have the best possible experience while travelling is a rental car:

Research First

If you want to hire a chauffeured rental car, start researching in advance. A number of good car rental companies such as Wise Car Rental offer reliable chauffeured rental car service Ask your friends and family about reputed car rental services that offer chauffeur driven cars for rent and can make a list of the tops car rental agencies and have a talk with them personally.


You must always look for an experienced chauffeur; an experienced chauffeur will not only ensure safety but will also know the area well. He might also know shortcuts that will take you to your destination quickly and help you save time and money.

Background Check

Background check is a must for all chauffeurs. Make sure the chauffeur has license and has been working with the car rental agency for quite some time. Ask about the previous clients for whom he drove the car and talk to them to know how courteous and friendly he was with them. Check what kind of car(s) he is able to drive; more importantly can he drive the type of car you want to hire? Instead of relying what the car rental agency has to say, ask for enough references and proof of past experience.

Level of Service

Consider the level of service provided by the chauffeured car rental service. Travel plans keep changing often, so you need to hire a chauffeur who can adapt to changes quickly. Moreover, hiring a chauffeur from a car hire company that works 24X7 is the best, since you can avail their service whenever you need.

Compare Rental Rates

The rental rates differ significantly; hence it is a must that you compare rates from a number of car rental services. However, it is never recommended to choose the cheapest service; instead look for a company offers reputed, reliable and experienced chauffeurs.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

When hiring a chauffeured rental car, make sure you have a written agreement. It is also a must that you read the agreement carefully since there might be a term that you don’t find appropriate. Get all your queries cleared right away.

There are many advantages of hiring a chauffeured car; you can enjoy your trip to the fullest and make yourself comfortable while the chauffeur drives you around. That means you reach the destination with full energy so you can start exploring without feeling tired.

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