18th September 2019

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What to Do If You Get a Parking or Speeding Fine On Your Rental Car

A rental car can make life easier, but you must follow the traffic rules very strictly to stay away from the hassles. This is even more important if you are driving out of your state. You may get a parking or a speeding fine on your rental car, if you are caught breaking the traffic […]

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Reasons Self-Drive Rental Cars Are Better Than Hailing Taxis

While the popularity of app-cabs have been on a rise and people are looking forward to hire one whenever they need to go somewhere, a self-drive rental might be a better option at times. The joys of a self-drive rental car once experienced would make you forget about hiring a cab or taxi again. A […]

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What to Do Just After a Rental Car Accident

Accidents happen, whether it is your fault or not and things become even more difficult if you meet an accident with your rental car. Your credit card company may not provide the full coverage for the accident or you may have declined to buy the extra coverage that the car rental company offered. Now, what […]

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Safety Tips to Follow WhileOpting for Car Rental Services

As a well off traveller, you’re quite acquainted with the rental car scenes that are usually bound with troubles and harassment. Getting down from the airplane, jet-lagged – you halt by the rental car desk, sign the contractual papers and off you go, hop in the car, and away you go, only to land in […]

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Does DUI Affect Your Ability to Hire a Car?

Car rental can make life easier. Whether you want to go on a holiday with friends or you want a car for daily transportation, car rental is an easy and cost-effective option. Not only can you save yourself from the hassles of repair and maintenance of the car, you can also keep the costs of […]

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