16th July 2019

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As a well off traveller, you’re quite acquainted with the rental car scenes that are usually bound with troubles and harassment.

Getting down from the airplane, jet-lagged – you halt by the rental car desk, sign the contractual papers and off you go, hop in the car, and away you go, only to land in two of the extreme situations. Either you’re stuck in the serpentine traffic or you’re in the boonies, fidgeting with the bearings and simultaneously looking out for the speeding cars and buses going past you. You’re stranded in a pitiable condition, trying to interpret a variety of signs and rummaging all around for the knob to switch on the headlights, adjust temperature and window controls.

Cutting things short, you are not only are you breaching traffic rules but wasting your own time and energy as well.

Fret not, here’s how you can drive rental cars like a pro:

1.Prior to your rental car reservation

The underlying factor prior to your car rental booking is to avail the best deal and learning the aspects of insuring your rental car.

You might a well want to have a word with your insurance giver and the travel protection doled out by your credit card to have a thorough understanding of your present rental car coverage schemes.

Also, talk out with the service provider of roads to check if the rental car coverage scheme is applicable for rental cars at the place you’re going.

  1. At the rental counter

Make sure, you’re getting the expected price and note down numbers of whoever is concerned, for you might need it, in case the car breaks down somewhere.

Check with the last date of car maintenance and take down numbers of the respective people, in case you lose the keys or you need help regarding the car after you’ve left the car rental parking.

  1. Prior to leaving the parking lot

Make sure, you hire a car that’s well maintained and is safe. After all, nobody likes the idea of filling in the bills for someone else’s damage. Check every bit of the car, and note down the damage that you can view.

  1. Check the odometer

In case the odometer is higher than 25,000 miles, be rest assured that it’s an old rental car. Try raising questions on that.

  1. Check for well maintained and nicely inflated tyres inside of the trunk. Make sure, it even has a lug wrench to change tyres in case of punctures, a jack
  1. Check on the levels of fluid inside the hood. Hop into the car and turn it on to allow it to warm up, while you check for the gas gauge and control the temperature

Get yourself acquainted with the car. Adjust the mirrors and rear-view-mirrors according to your own convenience (rear-view and side mirrors), check on the window controls, trying on the windshield wipers, controlling the headlights and signals are done of the essentials you must rehearse

After having rehearsed with these, try driving the car hire within the parking space or take a spin round the lot. Breaking, turning and listening. Look for problems and get it fixed, before you take it out on the busy streets.

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