27th May 2019

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Accidents happen, whether it is your fault or not and things become even more difficult if you meet an accident with your rental car. Your credit card company may not provide the full coverage for the accident or you may have declined to buy the extra coverage that the car rental company offered. Now, what would you do?
There are many instances where people get into accidents due to someone else’s faults. If you have been in a similar situation, h
ere is what you need to do:

Make Sure Everyone is Fine

First things first; make sure everyone in the car is safe. If anyone is injured call the emergency medical services and inform the police right away. It is best to stay away from the crashed vehicle since there are chances of an explosion.

Make a Note of the Details

If the accident happened due to someone else’s fault, it is important that you note down the vehicle registration number and insurance details. You must also take pictures of damages. Make sure the at-fault party does not leave until the police arrive. Get a copy of the police report. This will help you prove that it was not your fault and make things easier for you. If you get tainted, you might not be able to rent a car for a considerable amount of time or your license might get blocked. So it is important that you have all the evidence to prove your innocence.

Inform the Rental Company

The next thing you must do is inform the rental company about the accident. If the car is not in a condition to be driven back to the rental office, you might get a replacement. Reputed car rental companies such as Wise Car Hire would do everything to help their clients. However, you may need to pay some extra money for the additional services.

Once you have informed the rental company, call your insurance company or the credit card company to understand what kind of coverage would be provided for the rental car accident. If you do not have any coverage and you did not buy the extra coverage, you may be responsible for paying for the damages.

It might become a bit difficult for you to hire a car after you have been into a rental car accident but with the right attitude, you can make things easier. Make sure you never hide any information from the car rental company. This is because the car rental company would perform background checks and check with the police about the accident. So the more transparent you are the better it will be.
It is best to be prepared for the worst, so buy the necessary insurance coverage and keep yourself safe. Check the type of coverage provided by your credit card or personal car insurance and buy appropriate insuarnce provided by the car rental company. Remember, it is best to stay prepared since you never know what is coming your way.

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