18th September 2019

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While the popularity of app-cabs have been on a rise and people are looking forward to hire one whenever they need to go somewhere, a self-drive rental might be a better option at times. The joys of a self-drive rental car once experienced would make you forget about hiring a cab or taxi again.

A number of people are now trying out the self-drive rental services and finding it much more appealing than hiring a chauffeur driven car or hailing a cab. The reasons are many. Here we discuss some of the major reasons why people are more prone to hire self-drive rental cars:


Imagine you are going on a romantic long drive with your girlfriend and just as you try being a little romantic, you find two peeping at you through the hind-view mirror. Isn’t it irritating? With an unknown driver driving you around, you hardly have any privacy. A self-drive rental car, on the other hand is similar to driving your own car. So have enough privacy to talk about anything you like to.


Would you want a rogue driver to drive you around? Would you want a sleep-deprived driver to drive you around? If not, then it is best to choose a self-drive rental car. Drivers at car rental agencies are often exhausted, tired and sleep-deprived due to over-working. If you hire a driver who is not in his senses, you risk your safety. Therefore, it is best to drive yourself and ensure everyone is safe while you drive around.


With a self-drive rental car, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want. You need not worry about time limits. You can follow your own rules and set your own route. You can arrive and leave a destination whenever you want and make an impromptu stop whenever required. You will have no one to ask questions.


Self-drive rental cars are often more cost-effective than hiring taxis or cabs or chauffeur driven rental cars. Compare the rates and you will understand how much money you can save by hiring a self-drive rental car. Moreover, if you are travelling in a group, you can share the cost; so the expense (per person) reduces further.

Access to a Wide Variety of Cars

When booking an app-cab or hailing a taxi, you do not have any control over the type or model of the car. On the other hand, if you choose a self-drive rental car you can choose a car that you love riding or driving. Good car rental agencies such as Wise Car Hire have a huge fleet of cars, so the options are endless. You can hire any car of your choice.

Soothe Your Senses

Driving on a vacation is different from driving in the city. It has been proven that driving can soothe your senses when you drive to your favourite destination. So if you want to get rid of the stress, hire a self-drive rental car and get going!

Next time you decide going on a long drive or visit your favourite holiday destination, consider hiring a self-driver rental car and feel the thrilling experience!

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