16th July 2019

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A rental car can make life easier, but you must follow the traffic rules very strictly to stay away from the hassles. This is even more important if you are driving out of your state. You may get a parking or a speeding fine on your rental car, if you are caught breaking the traffic rules. You may get a fine whilst driving in your rental car or you may get caught by a camera. No matter how you get caught, you will be the one responsible to pay the fine.

If you get caught whole driving your rental car, you will have to read the instructions written on the note and pay the fine as directed. This means you may have to visit the local police station to pay the fine. Some states also offer some alternative methods such as online payments or payment via cheque/card. Things become complicated, if you are caught on a camera. If you are caught on a camera, the rental company will receive a notification about the violation. The rental company would charge the credit card that was used to hire the car and add an extra administrative fee to the amount to be paid as the fine. The administrative fee is charged for processing the fees. If you get caught while driving the rental car, you can avoid paying the administrative fees, since no notice will be sent to the rental company. But how you are going to get caught is not in your hand.

Rental companies have dedicated department or outsource the task to other companies who efficiently collect the fines from the renters, so there is no way you can get away from it. It is a good source of revenue for the car rental companies so they take it very seriously.

Therefore it is a must that car rental clients get a clear idea about how much extra money they need to pay in case they are fine for wrongful parking, speeding or violating other traffic rules. Moreover, if you are driving out of your state, it is a must that you understand the traffic laws of the respective state so that you can avoid violating the rules. Most reputed car rental agencies such as Wise Car Hire would provide you with all the necessary information; however lesser known rental agencies might keep it is a secret to inflate the bills as much as possible in case you get fined.

This is the reason why car renters must read the agreements thoroughly before hiring any car. If there you need any clarification, ask the rental agency staffs immediately. If you find there is something amiss in the agreement make sure it is included in the agreement then and there. Remember, not all car rental agencies work towards thge best benefits of the rental clients, so you must be very alert when hiring a car.

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