18th September 2019

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Tips to Save on Young Driver Car Hire in London

If you’re 18 years old, you will be considered an adult. This means you can vote, pay taxes and even work for an employer; but you may not be able to hire a car. This is because statistics show that young drivers, those below the age of 25 years are more prone to get into […]

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How to End Your Car Lease Early

When you lease a car, you agree to make regular payments to the car rental agency, follow maintenance schedules and keep the car for the specified period of time. However, you may need to end the lease before the contract gets over. People often think that they may not be allowed to end the lease […]

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Renting a Car with Debit Card – What You Need to Know

Renting a car seems to be the perfect option for many people. But what would if they do not have credit cards? People often ask whether it is possible to rent a car with a debit card or not. It is absolutely possible but may be with a lot of conditions. Most car rental companies […]

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