18th September 2019

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Young Driver Car Hire

If you’re 18 years old, you will be considered an adult. This means you can vote, pay taxes and even work for an employer; but you may not be able to hire a car. This is because statistics show that young drivers, those below the age of 25 years are more prone to get into accidents. You may not be able to rent a car even if you have a good driving history.

Does that mean you will never be able to hire a car as a young driver? It is not so. Car rentals for 21 year are offered by a number of car rental agencies such as Wise Car Hire but it can be quite expensive. Young drivers are allowed to hire a car against a surcharge which is known as ‘Young driver surcharge’. The young driver surcharge is a fee set by the car rental agencies for the young drivers to make sure their vehicles are safe. This amount is added to their car rental bill. The surcharge is added to ensure that if any damage is done to the car, the rental company would use the fund to mend things.

Young driver car hire in London is often very pricey, but with the right planning you can lower the surcharge and rent a car within your budget. Let us see how:

  1. Rent Locally

Many local car rental agencies at off airport locations offer young driver car rental at low prices. However, you may not be able to hire a luxury or a brand new car but you can hire a basic car without having to pay a steep amount. If you are looking forward to rent a car as a young driver, look for local car rental agencies.

  1. Use the Corporate Code

If you are working, your employer may provide you with a code that can be used at the rental agencies for work related travel. When you use the corporate codes, no surcharge or underage fee will be applied to your car rental bill. Even though corporate codes are meant only for corporate travel, you can use it to rent a car for private travelling as well, since car rental companies often do not ask the purpose of travel.

  1. Take Someone Who is Above 25 Years Age

If you are travelling in a group look for someone who is above 25years age. If the person is willing to be the sole driver, you can hire the car in his name. Even if he is not willing to be the sole driver, any one of you (who is below 25 years age) can register as an additional driver. Even though you have to pay a fee for the additional driver, you can save yourself from paying the underage charge.

If nothing works for you, the only way to rent a car as a young driver is to negotiate the surcharge amount. A number of lesser known car rental companies would be willing to negotiate the deal to make sure their fleet keeps moving.

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