20th August 2019

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A rental car comes handy for travel – both long and short distance. It is a convenient way to travel when you are going on a holiday or if you are travelling for work on a very tight schedule attending meetings after meetings. This saves you time and also from the hassle of sharing a ride with other passengers, which generally happens in the public mode of transport. However, there are times when you experience unexpected charges for rental car damage.

Here are a few steps to follow to avoid any unexpected charges for rental car damage:

  1. Avoid picking up or returning a car without the supervision of an employee of the car hire company:If you pick up or return a car when the rental car agency’s employee is not available, and the car gets damaged after you returned it; the car hire company will hold you responsible for the damage occurred when they examine it later. The best way to save yourself from these kinds of extra charges is to make sure that you check the car thoroughly along with an employee of the car hire agency and he gives a written confirmation about any existing damage, before you hire the car. You should also do the same while returning the car. This will make sure that you do not pay any penalty for anyone else’s mistakes.
  1. Buy the collision damage waiver if your credit card or insurance doesn’t provide any: 

    You should check if your credit card or any existing insurance gives you coverage for any collision damage;if not, you should opt for the collision damage waiver from the car hire agency. However, it is always advisable to have insurance beforehand to save you from paying anything extra for an accidental damage to the car.

  1. You should try to avoid the car sharing services: The car sharing model is popular amongst renters (based on membership) who need a car for a very short span of time. You need to pay for the hours you had the car in your possession. However, in this model the car is usually picked up and dropped off without any inspection done by an employee of the car hire agency. And, if the next renter informs about any damage to the car, you may be charged for the damage occurred to the car after you dropped it off.


  1. Read the car hire contract properly before you sign it: You should always understand the terms and conditions of the car rental agency thoroughly before you drive off with their car. If there is any mechanical issue in the car or the car breaks down, you should confirm about the required things to do for repairing the car before you pick up the car from the car rental agency’s location. You should also confirm about the charges for “roadside assistance’’ and a replacement car. You may have to pay for the repairs but you will know on what basis you have been charged.

Renting a car is for your convenience while you travel. So, follow these simple tips to avoid yourself from having to pay any unexpected and extra charges.

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