27th May 2019

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Car hire in UK is an absolute essential for anyone who likes the flexibility of travelling.You can hire a car from a local car hire agency for travelling around places at your will. However, if you are afraid of spending a lot of money on your car rental deals, here you can get some help on saving some money on your next car hire bookings.

  1. Compare the prices of different car hire companies: You should always compare the price offered by various car hire agencies in UK before confirming a booking. You may have to spend some time online while searching for the car rental agenciesor you may use an aggregator website which showcases the price offered by major car hire agencies at one go. However, this would be worthwhile considering the money you will save.
  1. You should opt for advance booking:Almost all the car rental companies offer you the option to hire a car online or by visiting the counter. Hiring a car online saves you a lot of time then being at the counter and standing at a queue. Car hire agencies do offer a discount if you book your rental car in advance.
  1. Do not book a luxury car:Renting a luxury car always cost more compared to other regular vehicles. If you do not want to spend much on a hired car, you can choose a mini car or a compact car for your travel.
  1. Avoid booking a car if you are under age:If you are a young driver below 25 years, hiring a car in UK may cost you more. Many car hire agencies offer you a car on hire against a surcharge called “Young Driver Surcharge”. If you are travelling with someone who is above 25 years of age, the car can be hired in that person’s name.
  1. Use Google map instead of the GPS offered by the agency:Many car hire agencies offer GPS navigation system at an additional cost. You can simply use your own smart phone, turn on the Google map and use it to reach your destination.
  1. Rent locally to avoid additional drivers charge: If you are travelling locally, you can avoid the charges applied for an additional driver on your travel.
  1. Try to avoid pickups at the Airport:Most car hire agencies in UK charge you additionally if you pick up a car from the Airport location. If you are renting a car locally, you can try to avoid this additional fees. This may not be applicable to renters who travel to another state by air; however, the local residents can opt for an off-Airport location to pick up the car.
  1. Avoid getting any parking or speeding fine: You may do some homework if you are traveling to another state or another country to learn about their traffic laws. You should also read the agreements thoroughly before renting a car. This helps you in understanding the traffic laws of the destination properly to avoid any parking or speeding fine.

Whether you are traveling on business or for a personal reason, hiring a rental car in UK is an easy way to get some comfort and convenience on your travel to your destination.

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