16th July 2019

UK's Leading Young Driver Car Hire Company

Renting a car is essential for everyone; whether you are a student under 25 or you are an individual above 25 years, you need a rental car for convenience and comfort to travel to different places. Student car rental is always a hassle. For most of the car rental companies either do not let their cars to students, or they charge an additional fee in the form of young driver’s surcharge. Holding a valid driver’s license for more than 12 months is mandatory for being eligible to rent a car. However, you cannot hire any of the luxury car variants. You can only have access to a limited selection of small, compact and midsized cars. It is always difficult to rent a car if you are under 25 years.

However, don’t lose your heart. You can still rent a car without having to empty your wallet if you follow these few points while you hire a car.

  1. Research in advance to find out which agencies offer rental cars to young drivers: You should always research a bit in advance and make a list of the car rental agencies that hire rental cars to drivers under 25 years .This will save you time while booking a rental car when you will be in hurry to reach your destination.


  1. Compare the rates offered by various car rental agencies: If you plan your trip in advance, you can compare the rates offered by various agencies for student car rentals. This will help you to save some bucks and you will be able to hire the best available car within your budget.


  1. Find out about the terms and conditions: You should read the ‘’terms and conditions’’ document offered by car rental companies very carefully. This way you can make sure that you do not end up paying any hidden charges or anything extra while you book a rental car. So, you can enjoy your journey peacefully without having to pay for anything beyond your knowledge.


  1. Find out about the young driver’s surcharge: Young driver’s surcharge is an extra charge paid by drivers who are under 25 years. This amount acts as a security in case of any mishap on the road. You will pay a different amount of surcharge in different countries and this amount also varies for cars of different make and model.


  1. Student’s discounts: You should also do some research work to find out about those few car rental companies offering discounts to students for booking a rental car. You may check out the discounts, rates and offers through various online portals. This way, you will be able to compare the rates offered by various car rental agencies and choose the one which suits you budget as well as requirements.


Renting a car may come with clauses. However, if you are aware of the terms and conditions, rates offered by various companies for student car rentals; you can easily rent a car and happily roam around places of your choice.

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