24th May 2019

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The UK has recently put a question on multi-year loans. The MP’sand debt charities are calling for unified structure in car loans. A recent study has revealed close to 85% of new cars are being financed by loans. This, in turn, is adding to the pressure of the already stressed economy at the time of Brexit. Rising financial debts have put the government in doubt. Even financial institutions are clamouring for changes. Though a smarter solution exists. The smarter way is to rent a car. Renting for the duration of use makes more sense in terms of its saving potential. Besides, the limited liability makes better sense financially too.
Buying the dream car is a pride moment for all of us. There are esteem and bragging rights to be gained, not to mention the inflated ego. But if you sit down to calculate the cost of owning a car you would realize that for all of the above you are paying a hefty price. Keep in mind the loans you take to own the vehicle, cost of maintenance and the depreciation value of the vehicle. Factor in all these three and you will arrive at the true cost of ownership for your car. The arrived figure may prompt you to scratch your head and even pull out some hair. You can either do the above or become a smarter person and choose to rent a car.
Renting a car is as simple as your house on rent. To understand the issue say, you pay monthly rents for the house you stay in. These houses are usually on term leases where you only own for the duration you want to use it. Thus the additional costs of taxes and other bills are split accordingly. This splitting results in savings for those months when you are not using the house. Besides owning a house outright is dependent on market trends and financial condition of your accounts.
Now, the next step involves selecting a car hire agency to rent a car from. There are some good car rental agencies that have some great cars in their fleet. Usually, commuter cars like the Fords and Nissan are readily available.If your choice is among and Audi, BMW or a Mini car, you can get them on rent too. Selecting a car and duration for rent being done you are now ready to drive away. One of the upcoming names is Wise Car Hire. They have some great utility cars on rent at affordable rates. Flexible plans and transparent practice have gained them quite a following in recent times. Their fleet also has performance cars as well as business cars, something for everyone. Always keep in mind that even with the prestige and pride of owning a car, there is a cost attached. There is no better time to put good use of your money. To get better value on every dime you spend, spend wisely and rent a car for all your travelling needs.

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