20th June 2019

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Major cities like London have some of the most notorious traffic. Coupled with the ever decreasing parking space available for rent or otherwise, you are left with fewer choices than ever. Increasing trends show a steady decline in new car purchases from millennial and the young generations alike. They are instead opting for rent and leasing of cars. Cases are plenty where families tend to rent a small car for the week and another preferably a luxury car for the weekend when they drive out of the city. These weekend trips can be for anything like visiting their friends and relatives or visit the farmhouse or just for relaxing and soak in the much-needed sun. If you are looking for a car hire in London you will find a lot of agencies peddling their services. You need to be smart in choosing the best among them. Look for the following while you are going for a car hire in London.

Variety of cars

You should choose an agency which gives you more choice of vehicles. You will need a car for everyday use as well as for that weekend trip down the south or even for the business meet up north. Getting an agency that can help you with all the above, will narrow your search for car hire in London. These agencies will give you different options for cars you need for the different occasion. You need to ask for these options while renting the car. This will help you to sort your travel plans and help you with more savings, instead of being stuck with a single make and model.

Shop to compare

You can opt for differing cars so as to save money in the long run. While renting a car of your choice, you should compare with different agencies. You will find that instead of comparing the cars you can compare the categories as most agencies will stock similar categories but different brands of cars. You can compare the features and their respective price to zero in on the one that suits your need the most. Smaller cars for daily, no-frills city driving and larger, spacious cars for weekend trips will do just fine.

Driving records

Most agencies tend to check your driving history. They look into the number of bookings and fines imposed on you. Having a clean driving record can influence the agencies in lending a higher value car to you. Though not the case every time but rates to get influenced by your driving behavior.


Companies such as Wise car hire have a smart stable of cars to choose from. Besides they offer hassle-free plans with no hidden charges. Simple processing and details apart, you need a valid driving license for car hire in London. The experienced staffs make the processing work smooth and their professional ways are a joy to behold. Next time you look for car hire in London, dial Wise Car Hire for all your hiring needs.

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