27th May 2019

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Why must you indulge in Vehicle Rental London?

London is considered to be a must explore destination place. For instance, a stroll on the observation wheel of London eye is a captivating place that amazes by endeavouring you with a bird’s eye view of the entire city in totality. Moreover, from the top of the eight hundred foot tall shard, you are able to easily admire the iconic beauty which London sips in. The British Museum, splendid nine hundred years old London towers, several houses at the Crown Jewels, the iconic Big Ben, numerous historic or retrospective treasures – all these splendid views and places can be witnessed with ease and comfort if you opt to take the decision of Vehicle Rental London so as to move around happily, exploring distinct beauties for hours with family or friends.

How to get in and around the city of London?

The primal London airport named Heathrow Airport is about eighteen miles away from the city. However, many other flights land at the different airport which is Gatwick Airport located twenty-nine miles away from the city. Another budget oriented airlines like the Luton is thirty-five miles away from the city, Stansted is forty miles away from the city and City Airport is nine miles away from the city. Therefore, renting a car in the airport of London which can pick you up from the airport easily and drop you in the selected hotel would be an easier and comfortable choice which must be opted by many.

You can also rent a car from the city center of London. To rent a good and comfortable car in London, you must go for Wise Car Hire. Also, the traffic is damn heavy in the streets of Central London, there is generally enormous congestion fees charged between Monday and Friday from 07 AM to 06 PM, therefore you must always check up whether you are going to travel through these zones.

Also, it is not always easy to search for a parking space. But however, many other malls and shopping centers offer you with free parking space. Those who are the member of NCP or National Car Park, avail discounts when the pre-book a car at car parks for NCP. Also, you must keep in mind not to park in double yellow lines as it is not allowed or forbidden.


Tricks for driving your way through London when you rent a car:

In London, you must always drive on the left side and overtake the other car on the outside of the right lane. The cars on the right have necessary rights and priorities. Cars which are rented in London generally come with a manual-oriented transmission. Moreover, if you want an automatic transmission vehicle you must request at the time when you place the booking.

It is mandatory to put on your seatbelts and it is restricted to use the cell phones while driving. You must always keep your driving license at hand along with your passport, insurance papers, and identity card, in case you encounter an emergency or need arises when you are driving the rented car. The licenses which are issued in the EEA or EU are highly recognized but the licenses which are international are accepted.


Are you ready to plan an outing in London and opt for vehicle rental London for your ease and comfort?

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