27th May 2019

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Renting a car can easily enhance your flexibility to make a trip – be it a leisure or business trip. The information given below makes an attempt to thoroughly guide you through the process of renting a car clubbed with Car Rental tips and advice for a better understanding and knowledge.

Search for a Right and an Authentic Car Rental Agency:

You can search it up on the internet or ask a travel agency so as to get assistance for the correct Car Rental agency for your trip. You can contact Wise Car Hire for the same reason as it is one of the best and trusted agencies in the UK endowing the customers with the best advice and cars of their choice for their trip. Choosing the right travel agent or Car Rental agency can save your relevant effort and time of calling up or visiting several distinct companies to get the best car and rate. Also, you must opt for a travel agent because he has an idea and is aware of the promotional programs and rates that might not be publicized to the public in general.

The Total Cost of Car Rent:

The Car Rental agencies charge four distinct basic rates: regular rate with mileage charge, the regular rate with a restricted number of free mileages for each day, a regular rate with mileage which is unlimited and a regular rate with free mileage for over an elaborated period.  The rates differ in accordance with the style and size of the car. Most of the Car Rental agencies rent out economy, intermediate, compact and deluxe cars. There are various special promotional prices or rates that are available, generally on the weekends but they must be requested in advance.

There are various other charges that are added to the rental price which includes:

The Rental Taxes for Car:

The daily rental charges are mentioned just above the taxes which differ state by state. For instance, for the international oriented Car Rentals, the taxes are often summed to ten to thirty percent to the quoted rate. The international rental charge is subject to include in VAT or Value Added Tax. At the rental location of the airport, some of the rental agencies might charge the airport surcharge which is free or is about ten percent of the rate of rent in addition to the usual taxes.

You must be sure that you read the agreement of rent carefully to view what the rate of rental covers with possible restrictions and the relevant liability for the relevant renter. If a rental car agency offers you a low rate, you must make sure that the restrictions of the agreement do not actually out weight the savings cost.

Relevant Car Rental Charges for Drop Off:

An extra amount of fee is generally charged in case the car is returned to a different location or city than from where it was actually picked up. You must be sure to advise the concerned agent that he must make reservations if you aim at dropping off the rented car in a different area. The charge for drop off is included in the rate of Car Rental.

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