20th August 2019

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Availing a car hire service is one of the most convenient ways of travelling to a destination. Car rental services help you to reduce the time of your journey in comparison to availing public transport. And, it also helps you to save money if you compare the rate of buying a car and hiring one during your travel. The rental car offers you to select the destinations and time independently without being distressed over trip schedules. However, if the rental car is robbed or wrecked during your possession, it is going to land you in a lot of trouble. When you encounter such an event of rental car theft, you should not panic but act logically.

Precautions to Be Taken to Prevent Theft of Your Rental Car:

Car theft-related crimes are on the rise across the UK despite modern technology and security system. High end and expensive cars are more prone to theft than others. It is necessary to park such cars in a well-lit parking zone. Sometimes the minimal fee for parking could safeguard the car from the criminals. You should never leave any valuables (such as a bag, cash, sunglasses etc.) inside the car which could attract the criminals to smash the windows/ doors. There is the availability of car insurance which you can opt for while hiring the car from the car hire agency. However, it may not entirely cover the cost of a stolen car.

You should follow these steps should your rental car is stolen by the unscrupulous people, instead of just worrying and panicking. The sooner you act, the better are your chances to get back your rental car.

  1. You should immediately call the local police and report about the robbed or stolen vehicle. Always try to dispense possible details including location and time. It is also very crucial to explain that the car is rental and communicate about any personal possessions. You must appeal to a crime reference number to communicate with the rental car service.
  2. The next step should be informing the company from which the car has been rented and giving them the reference number registered with the police. It is always advisable to maintain a healthy communication with the car rental agency even after the incident of theft.
  3. The most crucial step includes scrutinizing the level or amount of insurance cover you will get and any excessive charges likely to occur.
  4. You should finish all the necessary legal paperwork with the rental car agency and assist them with the reference no of the complaint filed with the police.
  5. You should request for a replacement car from the same rental car agency, as it would help you to continue your trip without much delay.
  6. Try to spend the rest of the holidays peacefully or if you are on a business trip, focus on your work and don’t spoil it for the unfair incident of your rental car
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