20th August 2019

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Planning to travel this weekend with your family and friends?

Looking for a gateway with your besties and buddies in this summer? Van Rentals in Westcombe Hill with Wise care hire can help you to enjoy the trip at an affordable cost. If you enjoy trips very often with your buddies and families as a group then you may be aware of that fact, it is very difficult to find a safe and secure transportation.  It is always difficult to get enough spaces for additional passengers and luggage. Vans are the most versatile mode of transportation for weddings, sports competitions, and long journeys with friends, families, corporate tours and many more.

Why Should You Rent A Van with Wise Car Hire?

Travel Conveniently with More Space

Hiring a van gives you and your co-passengers more capacity for legs and luggage. Van offers space for both your essentials as well as your staff wants to bring to spend the leisure time. You could easily carry boom box, barbeques for extra fun at the destination.  Apart from that van offers more headroom and interior for individual passengers. Travellers can roam around easily inside the minivan with jostling with each other.

Travel Affordably

Cheap van hiring in Westcombe Hill helps you to cut down the cost of the trip radically. The costs for the van hire not only depend on the kilometres of travelling but also other expenses too. But hiring a van with wise car helps you to minimize the cost quite lesser than the separate car hiring. Single van hiring can help to distribute the cost among others than hiring separate cars. So cost and overhead can be on the lesser side to enjoy the trip hassle-free. You can enjoy your desired trip without shelling extra bucks from your pocket.

Enjoy the Trip with Several Amenities

Our vans are equipped with several amenities such as radio, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and T.V and more. So you and your fellow passengers don’t feel monotonous during the long-distance trip. The wise car has a wide range of vans with a special type of arrangements and facilities. You select as per your preferences and enjoy to the fullest.

Safe Riding Experiences

Wise car hire provides vans which are highly maintained and go through frequent servicing to ensure the optimal security for their customers. When you hire vans and other cars from the wise car, you stay assured that we never compromise with the security of our customers. State of the art designs and luxurious seats of our vans make sure you enjoy the trips till the end without any breakdowns or mishaps due to mechanical reasons. You are bound to enjoy the trips as you unwind with the friends without any discomfort and hassles.

Hiring a van can definitely provide more stability on the road and help to transport more luggage, cycles, toys, and food, necessary to enjoy the trip as per your wish. Our vans consist of dual wheels on the rear along with rigid caged structure to absorb any kind of roads related shock and safety of the customers.

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