18th September 2019

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If you are 18 years of age and want to add adventure and thrill in your life with road trips to various known and unknown places of the UK, this blog will make your trip more enjoyable and amusing.  To travel different parts of your nation, car rental is an ideal deal. A rented car would allow you to travel independently and your bright youth and zest for life would open the threshold everywhere and you would find these exciting possibilities as the channel that will link you and act as an inspiration for your travel across every corner of your nation. But car rentals for 18 years old of age would demand you to follow certain cardinal protocols to make you take a hazard-free drive.

Related Expenses

Car rental for 18 years old is definitely not an invalid demand, but there is still a global persecution and aggravation associated with youth driving. Probably, such thoughts and stigmas have enforced in every country and rental companies implement minimum car rental protocols as per the age group. Under 25 years of age, you are cognised as a young driver, and young drivers are meant to give certain extra surcharges while hiring a car. There is a fee that is set on a daily basis upon your rental structure and various car rental companies according to their company policies fix the charge upon each customer (with 18 years)who takes the wheel.

Avoid Bumpers

Well, the young driver surcharge fee can vary from company to company based in the United Kingdom. It is better to have a proper idea you surf on well about the surcharge. Many car rental companies hide this surcharge while renting you the car and only add them post-hire. Fortunately, various reputed and successful car rental companies are diligent enough in their practices and provide all such important details and information on the very inception of your online research upon such companies. With simple clicks, you will get to know all the charges that are attached to a car and the surcharges attached on a car rental 18 years old.

Xtra Amenities with a Wise Rental

With the reputed and consumer-friendly Wise Car Hire, you can rent cars even at 18 years old without any worries and hazards, for traveling and for other professional and personal purposes, which is a normal feature that many other car hire companies would provide you. The catch of the story with this rental company is certain other additional factors that include:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Collision damage waiver
  • Additional drivers on board facility
  • University or college affiliation discount
  • Additional concessions for members of WCH
  • No extra credit card fees and pay that you see
  • 24/7 customer support for any difficulties.


So, hire a wise car at 18 years old with certain responsibilities and not burdensome worries.

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