Terms and Conditions on Wyse Car Hire


By accessing and/or using the Site, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to them, please do not visit or use the Site. WYSE CARS reserve the right to alter or amend these Terms and Conditions at their discretion and without notice.

Statement of liability: I acknowledge that for the period of the rental I shall be liable as the owner of the vehicle for any fixed penalty offence committed with respect to the vehicle or any penalty charge notice, any excess charge or penalty charge for parking or bus lane contraventions which may be incurred and any charges incurred under a road user charging scheme, references to the legislation under which this statement of liability is made. By booking with Wyse Cars I agree to the terms and conditions and authorize the Company to act in accordance with its terms. Any person(s) who is not a party to the Rental Agreement cannot enforce any of our responsibilities under the Rental Agreement.

To rent a vehicle, you must bring the original copies of relevant documents including driving license, proof of address, national insurance and an in date bank card. Failure to provide these documents may render the booking void due to WYSE CAR’s inability to confirm an individual’s identity. When booking a vehicle, an individual is booking a vehicle within a category. If the specific vehicle that is originally booked becomes unavailable, the renter will be provided with a vehicle of a similar specification as an alternative. In certain instances, the renter may become liable for additional costs if the only vehicle available is worth substantially more in value. If the individual chooses not to take a vehicle on this basis, they will be provided with a credit for use within 28 days.

The vehicle must only be driven by the person(s) NAMED ON THE AGREEMENT, OR BY ANY ONE WYSE CARS AUTHORISES IN WRITING. Renter or any authorized driver must not: Use the vehicle for hire or reward, Use the vehicle for any illegal purpose – if a vehicle is seized as a result of illegality, the renter may become liable for the full cost of the vehicle if a law enforcement agent dismantles or destroys the vehicle regardless of whether Wyse Cars had notice, Use the vehicle off-road, or for racing, pace making, testing the vehicle’s reliability and speed or teaching someone to drive, Use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Carry a number of passengers and/or baggage which would cause the vehicle to be overloaded; or in the case of a commercial vehicle a carrier payload which exceeds the maximum payload and individual axle plated weights or for a purpose which requires an Operator’s License where Renter does not have one, Drive the vehicle outside the United Kingdom unless WYSE CARS has given Renter written permission.

Renter must look after the vehicle and keys. Renter must always lock the vehicle

when he is not using it, and he will incur a charge (which WYSE CARS will set from time to time) for lost keys. Renter must use any security device fitted to or supplied with the vehicle. Renter must make sure that he uses the correct fuel. Failure to do so will result in a £250 charge to pump the incorrect fuel out of the vehicle. Renter is responsible for any damage to the roof or upper part of the vehicle caused by hitting low objects, such as bridges or branches. This applies irrespective of whether or not Renter has opted for collision damage waiver. Renter must not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. Renter must not give anyone any legal rights over the vehicle. Renter must not let anyone work on or inspect the vehicle without WYSE CARS written permission. Third party repair to our vehicle will be seen has damage done to our vehicle and the renter will be charged the full excess. Renter must let WYSE CARS know as soon as he becomes aware of any defect(s) in the vehicle, failure to do so will render the Renter full responsible for the repair. Where WYSE CARS has agreed to deliver the vehicle to Renter, Renter’s liability for damage and theft shall begin on delivery of the vehicle. Renter must bring the vehicle back to the agreed return location, during the opening hours displayed at the rental office. One of WYSE CARS staff must see the vehicle to check that it is in good condition, this may include an extended check, whereby WYSE CARS would need to road test the vehicle or to check that no unauthorized repairs have been carried out on the vehicle. This can take up to 72 hours. When the vehicle has been returned at night/dirty which could impede WYSE CARS staff ability to inspect the vehicle, inspection then will be carried out the following daylight/cleaned. Where WYSE CARS has agreed that Renter may return the vehicle outside of business hours or where Renter has requested collection of the vehicle, Renter’s liability for damage, theft and parking violations shall extend to the earlier of midday of the first working day following the requested collection time or the time of re-inspection by a member of staff. Damage to the vehicle includes glass and tire damage. Renter will have to pay for all repairs if the vehicle needs more than WYSE CARS standard valeting (cleaning), or if the vehicle has been damaged either inside or outside (whether or not it is Renter’s fault). Plus our £75 administration fee. Renter must check before he brings back the vehicle that he has not left any belongings in the vehicle. WYSE CARS will not be responsible for any belonging left in the vehicle. Our insurance policy only covers third party, this means if you have an accident you will be solely responsible for the full repair of WYSE CARS vehicle. If there is no damage to our vehicle you will still be responsible for the excess of £2250 for any third party claims, claimed through our insurance If the vehicle is a total loss or stolen then you are also solely responsible for the whole value of the vehicle. It will be your responsibility to replace the vehicle and pay for the loss of rental fee as long as the vehicle is unable to be rented. If you take out the insurance waiver you are still responsible for the first £2250 excess of each claim. No Refund for Rental Charges, or additional miles or for any extra products bought when hiring the vehicle, this includes circumstances when an individual has booked a vehicle and chooses to cancel. No Refunds, Irrespective of whether the vehicle develops a defect. WYSE CARS will put Renter in a replacement vehicle, provide AA assistance, repair the vehicle or offer renter a credit note at their discretion. All credit notes are valid for 28 days. Traffic Violations are the responsibility of the renter/hirer of the vehicle, an additional £75 will be charged per violation. Speeding tickets or any notifications from the police, will be charged at £200 per violation plus our £75 Administration fee. The renter is responsible for checking the oil and water levels in the vehicle on a daily basis if the renter fails to do so; the renter is responsible for any damage cause due to their negligence. WYSE CARS reserve the right to charge for additional services such as, decreased excess, additional mileage and increased insurance cover at the point of rental.

In case of payment by Cash, debit, credit or charge card I authorize that all rental charges include changes for accident damage, traffic violations and administration fees be charged to my card. I understand that if I paid the deposit by cash, BACS or card it will be held for a minimum of 28 working days and up to 180 working Days and if there are no incidents, traffic violations, excess mileage, smoking fine, damage to the vehicle then deposit will be returned to me the Renter in full. In the event of the above charges the whole/part of the security deposit will be retained.

If Renter is a consumer WYSE CARS will end this Agreement straight away if it finds out that Renter’s goods have been taken away from him to pay off his debts, or if a receiving order has been made against him. WYSE CARS will also end this Agreement if Renter does not meet any of the conditions of the Agreement. If Renter is a company, WYSE CARS will end the Agreement straight away if: Renter goes into liquidation; Renter calls a meeting of creditors; WYSE CARS finds out that Renter’s goods have been taken away from it until it pays off its debts; or Renter does not meet any of the conditions of this Agreement. WYSE CARS reserve the right to terminate an agreement at their own discretion. If WYSE CARS ends the Agreement it will not affect WYSE CARS right to receive any money it is owed under the conditions of the Agreement. WYSE CARS can also claim extra reasonable costs from Renter if Renter does not meet any of the conditions of the Agreement. In the event of material breach by Renter, WYSE CARS can repossess the vehicle and charge Renter any reasonable costs of repossession.

A consumer may end their rental period at any time by returning the vehicle in the way proscribed within the rental agreement, they will still remain liable for all costs until the end of the agreed rental period.

WYSE CARS will endeavor to resolve all disputes within 28 days and will do so in accordance with the Terms and Conditions provided on this site. WYSE CARS at all material times will seek to provide a customer with an acknowledgement of their correspondence within 7 days. In the event that WYSE CARS fall outside of these time frames, it is noted that no liability will be accepted on this basis.

WYSE CARS will maintain the personal information on the Agreement as part of WYSE CARS’ records to assist it to maintain and improve its administration and management of its car rental business. WYSE CARS will from time to time share with other companies within this group, which may be located both within Europe and outside, information relating to its car rental service operations (which may include the personal information provided on the Agreement). Renter is welcome to see the information held about him at any time and to make any necessary amendments to keep the information up to date. In order further to enhance its car rental services and promote Renter’s custom for other WYSE CARS group companies WYSE CARS may also add details of Renter’s name and address to WYSE CARS marketing database so that WYSE CARS may from time to time notify Renter of new services and offers of the WYSE CARS group. WYSE CARS may share this information with its group companies and business partners and WYSE CARS may from time to time notify Renter of the services and offers of both the WYSE CARS group companies and business partners. We may use your personal information for marketing purposes. You have the right to remove your consent to this at any time.

The Agreement is governed by the laws of England. Any dispute may be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions shall not be affected.